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misscutandstick Sun 03-Aug-08 21:00:27


in fact...

THANKYOU so much.

My eldest son is ADHD, my youngest, it seems, may well be PDD. Although DS1 is 15, and is very much more capable of telling me verbally how he is, the things you mention make it much easier to relate to him and to forgive for his (now) quite rare (thankfully) misdemeanors and butt-clenchingly infuriating ways.

My non-verbal 2y/o with PDD is altogether different.. just beginning on his -and our- long journey. Complete with 'wobbly bits', seemingly 'wierd' ways, down days, and horrendous days moments.

BUT, There are good bits too! the 'firsts' are so much more impressive and emotional, and im thankful for even the tiniest morsel of 'happy' bit in any day smile.

Your insight into your world, gives me a slight insight into his. His 'wierd' ways are not so 'wierd', his wobbly bits need understanding, his down days need patience, and quiet and love are in much needed demand for those 'horrendous' moments. Thankyou for giving me strength and understanding that my sons need from me.


amber32002 Mon 04-Aug-08 11:10:29

Well, I'm glad that some of the things I write are vaguely useful to someone. It's difficult to tell when you're me, as I have to guess what might or might not be useful and am more than capable of putting my proverbial foot right in it and/or being very annoying. blush grin

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