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LEA and School....a busy day.

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JaysMum Thu 10-Feb-05 19:56:06

We received a letter today from the LEA stating that they have recieved confirmation that J does not have a physical problem which is preventing him from going to school therefore he will not receive the Link Education we had been promised. They also confirmed that the GP had mentioned that we were concerned about J's psychological state and felt that the mainstream school was the root of J's psychological difficulties....however the LEA believe that J's education can be provided by a mainstream school, even though we have been granted a special school placement. The letter went on asking me to respond by return of post clarifying what course of action we would be following to provide J with an education before he starts special school in Sept.....they need this so they can start actioning proceedings!!!!!

After a very lengthy chat with a friend I contacted the LEA and told them J was not and has never been suffering from any physical difficulty which prevented him from attending school....he has psychological damage caused by an inappropriate school 8 year old son wanted to kill himself because no one at his school understood him....he was the butt of many jokes, had been physically assaulted, abused by pupils and staff, his needs had not been met in his ms school.
LEA are now reconsidering their decission as to whether they should reassess for Link Ed.

Whilst on the phone I asked about J starting at the special school full time asap.....was told that due to lack of funding, rescources etc this was not and would not be possible.

This afternoon I took J to his special school for his first afternoon induction....he was so excited. When we got there he was greeted by 3 boys in his class whom he already knows....they were so glad to see him and he them. He settled very quickly and I left him for an hour whilst I went and spoke with his class teacher.

When we got back to class J was so happy...he was drawing and chattering away....he looked so content.

Class teacher said he can go back tomorrow afternoon..1-3.. and then every Friday afternoon from after half term. She then said if J settles quickly into class then she would be prepared to accept him full time before Sept.

OK so is the wool being pulled over my eyes????
The LEA have said NOT to him going full time....BUT class teacher has said its her decission......

J is entitled to an education.....sod the issues surrounding funding....thats the LEA's problem not mine....J should be in school NOW.
Just think if the LEA decide to take action against us for refusing to send him to school, it will cost them thousands....more than it would cost to fund him from now til July!!!!!

Just so bloody confused and angry!!!!!

JaysMum Fri 11-Feb-05 09:30:58

So guys what do you think.....should I contact the LEA and DEMAND that J has access to the special school before Sept???????

Hubby thiunks we should contact Solicitor AGAIN and get him on board....just the expense that worries me!!!!!

Potty1 Fri 11-Feb-05 09:37:49

JaysMum - sorry, I have no experience and no advice. Just wanted to say that the school sounds great and its brilliant to hear that he settled so quickly I hope you get this place for him.

Keep fighting.

JakB Fri 11-Feb-05 10:04:20

Sorry Jaysmum, missed this. Have no experience of school issues but just wanted to send hugs {{{{{hugs}}}}}

Potty1 Fri 11-Feb-05 10:33:04

JaysMum - could IPSEA help you?

JaysMum Fri 11-Feb-05 18:28:53

J spent the afternoon at the special school again today.....he loved it....he has made a friend and asked for him to come over for tea....first time ever that he has done that with out me first instigating it....
Class Teacher has said that he really does need a lot of support during all table top activities....nice to hear it after his last school sai he didnt have a problem!!!!!
Head Teacher has said that she will try and do all she can to get J in to the school full time....BUT it has to be OK'd by LEA!!!!

Iam going to phone IPSEA tonight and have a discussion with them about where we should go from now.....I WANT J IN SCHOOL ASAP....but more importantly J is asking to go Full Time....such a lovely thing to hear after the awful experiences he had at his mainstream.

coppertop Fri 11-Feb-05 18:36:18

But J has a RIGHT to a full-time education! Surely this is discrimination if children without SN are being fully funded by the LEA but those without SN aren't being given the same rights???

Hopefully IPSEA will be able to give you some advice asap but my instinct would be to fight the LEA every step of the way.

newscot Fri 11-Feb-05 19:45:11

I cant believe what you are having to go through. I am new to Britain but I can't believe it's not enshrined in law that your child has the right to full time education. Maybe the LEA are trying to call your bluff- the mention of a solicitor might be just what is needed.
It's so unfair that parents of children with special needs have to put up with so much crap when they have more than enough to deal with already.

JaysMum Fri 11-Feb-05 20:55:12

arghhhhhhh.....No one is answering the phone at IPSEA due to illness.....will have to try on Monday.
Just cant get this out of my head....I hate to think the LEA are sitting back thinking they have won their battle with me....they can think again!!!!

Chocol8 Fri 11-Feb-05 23:32:55

Good for you Jaysmum - you have come this far - and what a battle you have won too! It's fantastic to hear J loves the school and it is obviously where he belongs.

I know you have fought before - but you can win this - as Coppertop says - it is J's right to full time schooling and it is your right to see J happy and contented in a school that he feels comfortable in.

Good luck in getting through to IPSEA - I have been trying too - so hope we are not keeping each other engaged all night! x

coppertop Sun 13-Feb-05 21:44:33

Fingers crossed for you that you manage to get through to IPSEA tomorrow. xx

JaysMum Sun 13-Feb-05 22:42:04

Thanks Coppertop.....

There have been a few developments over the weekend....

Hubbys best mates brother....have you got that??? a Principal Ed Psych....he has come down to stay for a few days and came over to see us......I now he shouldn't but as a "friend" he has helped me sooooo much.

We have drafted a letter to Chief of Education and all other bods.....

Basically J's LSA is still being paid to be in J's old school as his LSA, but he is not there and hasnt been since Oct....So how can the LEA justify paying her wage and yet do not have enough funding for J's placement at the special school???????

"Friend" has used a few of his contacts and has found out soooo much about how the LEA are ducking out of providing J with his education....all this has been put into a letter....even sending one to Mr T. Blair....I dont care anymore... I will fight this until I win....J needs me to do this.

JaysMum Mon 14-Feb-05 11:09:26

I really am not a happy bunny.......

I spoke with John Wright from IPSEA today....

Basically because I have removed J from chool then in law J's education is now my responsibility.....keeping his name on the register is simply just not enough!!!!!

Under section 19 of the education act J is entitled to some form of educational it home tuition or school placement. Thank goodness I have a letter from GP stating J is unfit for school due to his psychological difficulties.....with out it I would be up sh*t creak without a paddle!!!!

I am now writing to the lEA and asking why J is not having his educational requiremeents met through section 19.....LEA are duty bound to provide some form of education for a child who is medically unfit for school......

More letter writing.....more stamping of feet.....they will not win....this is becoming a battle that I will only be content in winning.....I will conquer....

It such a shame that as parents we have to do this....havent we got enough on our plates without additional stress and strain caused by LEA's and their bloody budgets!!!!!!

Soap box moment coming on.....I will go before I really start rambling on like an old fool!!!!!


coppertop Mon 14-Feb-05 12:24:10

So J's old school are still getting money for an LSA for him even though he is no longer at pupil at that school??? That sounds very odd!

Your dh's friend's brother sounds brilliant! If only there were more people like him. Do you think he would consent to being cloned?

Still keeping fingers crossed that you'll win this battle with the LEA.

Davros Mon 14-Feb-05 14:58:23

My suggested route would be DH's friend and the letter first, then solicitor. Hope you get it sorted out, I bet they buckle, they like to try it on don't they?
newscot, it IS enshrined in law! I firmly believe that what we are entitled to in the UK is second to none (and I was reading about a child in the USA on medication whose mother can't afford the prescription, oy makes you crings) but getting what we are entitled to is the battle.

JaysMum Mon 14-Feb-05 16:19:32

Even busier afternoon.....loads of advice and info is coming thick and fast now.....thanks to those of you who have sent it to me....

Battle is well and truely on.....spoke with Dfes this afternoon....they are appalled by what I have told them....someone is contacting me tomorrow.....also spoke with Disability law service and they are also contacting me tomorrow.....just a good job hubby has a couple of days off....he can look after the little un whilst I start my campaign to get J into school by Easter.

JaysMum Tue 15-Feb-05 18:28:27

Hi everyone......

Things are not good......bad times with J since yesterday.....resulting in a trip to GP's......

Wont go into it.....too emotional.....

Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped me out with info etc over the past few weeks......

I am not going away......just taking a break.....

I have got to stay soooooo FOCUSED over the next few months......

We have been informed by our GP that the only way we will get anywhere is if we take drastic action........

Have now got the biggest battle ever just about to start.....

LEA and LHA are not going to know what has hit action will commence......negligence, disability discrimination and damages all in one foul swoop....

Need all the strength, time and energy to battle this one a bloody huge bank loan!!!!

So good luck everyone in all that you desire.....I'll pop by to see how you are all doing.....maybe post occassionally.....but for the time being I am going to be burying my head in mountains of legal documnets, research and compiling our evidence......

Love to you all.......

coppertop Tue 15-Feb-05 18:32:59

Oh no! I hope things get better for you and J soon. Make sure you come back when you need to, even if only just to offload. Good luck with everything. xx

JakB Tue 15-Feb-05 18:40:17

JaysMum, oh no! I'm so, so sorry. Please come back soon.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 15-Feb-05 18:41:21

Hugs to you J's mum. You know where I am if you need me {{{{{xxx}}}}} Bloss

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