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Did your PCT fund any Bobath?

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mm22bys Fri 01-Aug-08 10:54:08


we have been taking DS2 to Bobath since January, but have decided that given his needs and the fact that one of his consultants thinks he will need a lot of therapy going forward that the PCT should fund at least some of it.

The community pediatrician had previously referred him to Bobath, but only on the basis that we would self-fund (on the basis that therapists within the PCT are themselves Bobath-trained).

In the time he's been going to Bobath, he has made a lot of progress, and has also not been seen by an NHS physio in three months (so could easily argue which has benefited him).

Who would I need to approach within the PCT to get funding?

If you got funding, what was the process, and how long did it take?


DidIt Fri 01-Aug-08 13:33:51

I think its a commissioning manager you would need - in children's services. Get your PALS at your PCT to find out - and copy your letter to the chief executives office.

It would probably go to an exceptional treatment panel/committee ask for the membership of the group that considers your case - make sure a lay person is on the group for consideration - so depending on how often it meets ( could as little as every other month )would decide how quickly its looked at.

I think you would have to start getting expert statements from HCP - gp and consultant at the very least to support your case - might save time as well.

I doubt they will back date it but might fund it going forward.

Dont forget it all closes down/slows down at xmas.

good luck

mm22bys Fri 01-Aug-08 18:09:31

Thanks, really helpful. I thought it should go to the CEO.

I have done some googling today and it seems that a lot of PCTs don't fund on the basis that there is a lack of evidence that intensive physio helps.hmm

At this stage we're not going to even attempt to get past costs back, but it does seem like it would take a while in any case. We would really like a block in September.

We have to see the CDT Monday week, not sure yet what approach to take with her.

Thanks again,

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