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My baby is 6 tomorrow.

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eidsvold Thu 31-Jul-08 13:10:08

My itty bitty 6lber DD1 is going to be six tomorrow. Dh and I have just finished putting a bike together for her. She has been hanging out all week waiting for tomorrow. I can't wait to see her face.

LollipopViolet Thu 31-Jul-08 13:13:40

Ahh, happy birthday to your DD tomorrow

lourobert Thu 31-Jul-08 13:19:21

I hope she has a wonderful birthday and enjoys her bike

theheadgirl Thu 31-Jul-08 14:25:58

Yeay! Happy Birthday to your girl

Tclanger Thu 31-Jul-08 14:41:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magso Thu 31-Jul-08 17:47:03

Happy birthday Eidsvold dd1!

LollipopViolet Fri 01-Aug-08 08:46:59

Happy birthday mini-Eidsvold Hope she has a great day!

Graciefer Fri 01-Aug-08 09:57:57

Happy birthday to your DD1, hope she has a wonderful day!

2shoes Fri 01-Aug-08 11:25:01

happy birthday to your dd , hope she has a lovely day

eidsvold Fri 01-Aug-08 11:39:21

she loved her bike - she came around the corner to where it was sitting to 'help' dad turn on the lights - she laughed and pointed - what's that!! she demanded.

She has had a good day. We took patty cakes into school this afternoon and her friend came to visit.

We are hoping to take her out to lunch tomorrow.

She spent all day telling everyone she got a bike for her birthday and that it was green - it is red grin

eidsvold Fri 01-Aug-08 11:39:52

thank you for your best wishes - she did have a lovely day.

TotalChaos Fri 01-Aug-08 16:59:04

happy birthday!

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