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MrsFROSTgetful Thu 10-Feb-05 00:00:28

Some great social stories that you open as a word document (so you can EDIT them!!!)

Can be found at this website:

When I feel angry

Going to Assemblies

Riding the school bus

Having a casual teacher

When I cough

Saying hello

Having helpers in the classroom

Coming to the floor

What to do at big lunch and little lunch

Going to Mass

Taking my medicine

Trying new food

What I should do when the teacher is talking

Trying to spell new words

And this one has a ‘slide show of pages’ about AS….and then further through it has social stories etc:

Here are a few topics covered:
Tools for Teachers and Caregivers
Use of structure/rules
Visual supports and schedules
Visual Sequencing of Tasks
Visual Calendars
Written Schedules
Written/drawn notification of change
Social “autopsy”
Social story
Social Stories
Social Stories: structure
Social Stories: Descriptive sentences
Social Stories: Perspective sentences
Social Stories: Directive Sentences
Social Stories: Affirmative Sentences
Social Stories: Structure
Social Stories: An Example
Staying Calm When Things Change
Staying Calm. . .
Staying Calm. . .
Comic Book conversations
Comic Book Conversations

Take a look at it …….

macwoozy Thu 10-Feb-05 00:23:34

I'm busy saving all the ones in that first website you suggested. I reckon this will help me explain social situations to my ds. I might even turn them into little books for him, although stick people are about the limits of my artistic abilities. Thanks for that.

MrsFROSTgetful Thu 10-Feb-05 00:29:46

really plesed YOU are pleased!!!

had you in mind tonight when i was finding all this stuff- i'll bump another thread i did with even more!!!!

Do you laminate them?

we all joke on here about our laminators....but for this stuff it's just great!!!

macwoozy Thu 10-Feb-05 00:52:07

Thats sweet of you. Are you the laminator queen then???? Well I read a thread about it a while back, and have considered getting one since.

MrsFROSTgetful Thu 10-Feb-05 09:14:12

i think in tescos they are only £14.99 at the moment

Brilliant for social stories/schedules as you can make cards which you stick velcro on the back and then have a board for the wall to attatch them to.....

macwoozy Thu 10-Feb-05 10:58:23

Crikey, I didn't know they were that cheap. Def going to get one this weekend.

MrsFROSTgetful Thu 10-Feb-05 11:01:18

Every home should have one!!!!! (i'm even going to buy a spare!!!)

If you get it from tesco- they have a great 'variety pack' of laminate 'pouches' which has loads of 'business card' size ones...they would be perfect for the pictures you need for the social stories/feelings etc on those sites i said about!

macwoozy Thu 10-Feb-05 11:07:39

Thanks again for suggesting all those sites. They are really of a great help to me.

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