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Was this a seizure???

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lourobert Mon 28-Jul-08 09:45:27

Son is almost 3 and was dx with infantile spasms at age 5 months. Hes been sf for 18 months and med free 6 months and all has been well.

On friday whilst with grandparents he had a strange moment. He went very pale and absent for a few an absense seizure. They took him to hospital as advised and he had one more of these episodes at the hospital. THey kep him in overnight for observation and nothing since.

His EEG showed no seizure activity and bllods all came back normal so no one was able to help us understand what has happened.

We have an appointment with sons neurologist in 2 weeks an will discuss further with him obviously if it happens again we will take him back to hospital.

Im so scared of DS developing LGS and this is in the back of my mind.

ANy thoughts???

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