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Anyone in Bournemouth / Poole area and would like some free Bowen treatment ?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 28-Jul-08 08:57:27

I'm in Bournemouth and am currently training in the Bowen Technique. I'm training mainly to help my dd who has cerebral palsy but the treatment helps many conditions and is particularly good for us stressed-out mums. I'm not sure if anyone on the SN is in my area but I'd be really pleased if I could help out anyone a bit. I'm also happy to treat children - it seems to help my dd by relaxing her muscles and also helping her to calm down and sleep better.

I need to do 10 case studies for my exam and am looking for volunteers - To be a case study you would need to be able to travel to my home in Bournemouth for 3 treatments which take place between 5-10 days apart (usually once a week works best). For the treatment you need to be prepared to be in bra and pants (I always mention this so no-one is shocked!) but are covered by a towel so no need to worry. The treatments last about 45 mins and at the moment I have to do them evening or weekends as (like you probably) I have two little girls at home.

If you're interesteed or want more info please post here or PM me.


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