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anyone taken there babies for mmr jab in seperate doses if so where did you go???

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bubble78 Sat 26-Jul-08 11:11:12

hi my dd is due her mmr jab in a couple of weeks im really unsure whether to have it done or not ( any advice) my ds 5 has asd..
did ask health visitor but she said they are not allowed to advise on where to go for it in seperate jabs so im stumped now
i know there is a measles epidemic in our area ( northwest ) ( blackpool and fylde) but i really dont want her to have the mmr if there is any link to autism but i dont want her getting measles either
sorry for rambling

misscutandstick Sat 26-Jul-08 12:56:46

hi, as your DS has ASD, i wouldnt touch the MMR for your DD with a very large bargepole and oven mitts! Apparently separates or not is totally irrelevant because its the measles one (incidently the one also most useful in warding off a particularly nasty strain of bug!) that does the damage. Whilst sticking so much (lots of vaccines all at once) into a child so young with such an immature immune system (did you know that it isnt fully working until the child is around 7/8 shock ?) is really not such a good idea, separates wont make any difference. I personally would steer clear. but its your choice. JimJams has better info and probably a few good sites to visit too. HTH XXX

misscutandstick Sat 26-Jul-08 12:59:39

forgot to add blush apparently if (something like) 80% of the children/people in the local surrounding area is covered by vaccine then it should protect those who cant have the vaccine for any reason ie those who are immune suppressed or allergic to vaccine or similar.

bubble78 Sat 26-Jul-08 15:20:07

thank you thats helped alot i think im more likely against her having it
hope jimjams comes on with some more advice ( not that yours hasnt helped sorry)

bubble78 Sat 26-Jul-08 17:18:08

also is there a blood test that she could have to see if she already immune ?

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sat 26-Jul-08 17:28:49

yep you can ask for an antibody titre.

If you go for singles I wouldn't go for one of the big clinics. I'm sure they're perfectly safe, but they're doing it for commercial reasons. I'd go for a private doctor.

TBH if you can get to London I'd go and see Richard Halvorsen. That's what I'm planning to do with ds2 and ds3 (wrt tetanus) when I can face getting them up to London. He advises on what to give after a consultation and can give the jabs. I know people who he has advised only to jab in certain circumstances. It would be a proper personal consultation taking your family history into account.

Jux Sat 26-Jul-08 17:36:33

Have you googled for single jabs blackpool, or your postcode?

cyberseraphim Sat 26-Jul-08 19:23:09

I didn't have any concerns about the MMR or boosters for DS1 (autistic) or DS2 (not autistic) but for me , it was an easy decision whereas you are more undecided. I hope you find a solution that suits you soon.

bubble78 Sun 27-Jul-08 20:33:32

i have googled it but i could not find anything think i will try again thanks for all your advice and i think jimjams i will ask for the antibody test

KT14 Sun 27-Jul-08 20:54:38

bubble, was about to put the same post up, as DS1 has suspected HFA and DS2 is coming up to MMR age but DS1 won't be diagnosed by the time his MMR is due. It's an especially difficult one for me as my sister almost died of measles which turned into encephalitis aged 2 (neither she nor I had the MMR or equivalent as a family doctor friend advised that he had concerns about it) so it's a hellish decision either way.

Am very wary of the MMR though, especially after reading of children who seem to have regressed significantly after having it, so will follow advice of other posters and look for alternatives methinks..

TotalChaos Sun 27-Jul-08 21:03:26

There used to be a private clinic in central Liverpool - Direct Health 2000 was the name IIRC. No personal experience of it so can't really recommend it or not.

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