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Really struggeling with ds ADHD..Need to get it all out

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my3beauties Thu 24-Jul-08 21:08:59

I'm sorry but i feel like ive bottled so much inside that i need to let it all out. After 5 years of waiting for a dx at the begining of this month we where told ds1 has adhd. he was given medication and we are to see someone on the 30th. His behaviour can be so violent and he takes it all out on me. Its only day 4 of the summer hols and he's already broke the tv and smashed his bedroom window. The other day he even threatened me with a pair of scissors. his tablets seem to do nothing but aggitate him even more. Dh has had enough and is not helping in the slightest he just says he can leave home (he's 7 for christs sakeangry. I know that most parents of children with adhd have these problems but unfortunatly i live away from all family support and i deal with all this alone 24/7. Sorry to rant but i just need to talk

magso Thu 24-Jul-08 21:46:45

My3beauties - ranting is fine! You have my heart felt sympathy so feel free to offload! My son was Dxed with ADHD on his 5th birthday ! He now has rather a lot of other Dxs but the sheer lack of comprehension of consequenses and impulsivness used to so hard to live with combined with the lack of understanding from all around. We started medication out of sheer despiration! I know exactly what you mean by taking the brunt of the 'violence' -impulsive behaviour mostly that could be injurous!
It sounds like you are at an early stage of trying medication. It took a while for us to find a helpful medication and significantly longer for Ds to make use of the effect!!
It is so exhausting keeping kids who cant do boredom or waiting busy, isn't it?

daisy5678 Thu 24-Jul-08 21:52:03

Mmmm...we found the methylphenidate (Equasym, though I think that Ritalin is the same) to be OK initially but wore off badly, leaving him worse than ever when it wore off.

Straterra is so much better.

It's taken almost a year of trying to get the right medication at the right dose.

Call your prescribing consultant and tell them what's happening. They should offer you a review and change the dosage or type of medication.

It sounds like we have similar children. J too threatens me with knives etc. but I have to say, the medication has helped with that.

Don't apologise for ranting. We all need to sometimes.

magso Thu 24-Jul-08 22:29:16

Yes it took us over a year to sort out a favourable medication, presentation (extended/ slow release)and dose! Ds also did not suit the standard methylphenidate - particularly as it wore off almost before it started! It seems to be a trial and error process! The 30th is quite soon thankfully!

sheepgomeep Thu 24-Jul-08 22:50:48

yes equasym didn't do much for ds either, great when he was at school but wore off towards hometimes.

ds is also now on strattera, we have seen an improvenment in his behaviour recently

my3beauties Fri 25-Jul-08 09:23:58

Thanks for listening. Its equasym that we've been given and it doesn't semm to do anything. As you'l all know their behaviour goes up and down all the time it just seems like we're having a very long time with the bad behaviour at the mo. I'll get on to them next wed and ask for different meds.I know its gonna be trial and error so i'm in for the ride

misscutandstick Fri 25-Jul-08 19:02:02

If it makes it any better - tho im sure at the moment it doesnt sad sorry, but...

I found that DS1 was at his very worst at around 8ish (cant remember exactly - think ive blocked it all out it was so horrid!) so you may at the moment be at the horrid plateau bit. Not much consolation at this moment in time, however it does mean that it wont be too long before he gets ever so slightly with time and slowly easier to manage. {hugs} i understand that this particular year, and this time of year is truly truly horrendous, rant loudly here we are all hear to listen.

I think the only thing that got me through at your point in time is the fact that although it seems soooooo personal, its not. Hes not doing it to be vicious to you as a person. You are his mum and he trusts you. A lesser person would have lost the plot by now and you ARE DOING REALLY WELL. Grit your teeth, rant on here loudly, brace yourself, and you will have your son back at the end of it. And he will be closer to you because of all you have both been through together. After all, how bad does it feel in his head to behave like this? it really cant be fun. So take solace in that it isnt personal and knowledge that it wont last forever. We are all here for you. {{{HUGS}}}

my3beauties Sat 26-Jul-08 11:22:32

misscutandstick Thankyou so muchsmile
Its that sort of thing that i actually do need to hear now. These times have really dragged me down at the mo and really i know what your saying is true its just sometimes it feels like its all going to pot.I know he needs to take his frustration out on someone and that someone really has to be me cause there's no'one else around who he can let off steam to. I do keep trying to stay positive and at least i know when the negative times are getting me i can rant on here.

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