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Some news to share......

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JaysMum Tue 08-Feb-05 12:01:58

A few days away and I am sat here trying to catch many posts!!!!

Hello to all the newbies....and a big welcome.

Thought I would let you all know that J has slept right through for the past 5 nights......HURRAY....the timer on his light is combined with his new bed canopy and thetimer things are working.

We went away for a few days to a ASD meet up in York....what fun...we went to see "Thomas" at the NRM in was ace to meet all the folks I have been communicating with for the past 6 months through another forum I visit.....

J is going to his new school on Thursday of this week....we are going to discuss his integration back into school life.....if all goes well he will start full time after Easter....HIP HIP HOORAY...It will be his class teachers decission as to whether she will take him then or whether we have to wait until September!!!!!

The plan is that he will do 1 afternoon a week for two weeks, then 2 afternoons for 1 week, then gradually build up to two full days by the end of this term. If he settles in well with the other children then the school will take him full time from long as LEA agree funding....fingers crossed.

He is so excited about going back to school....just a tad worried because the class teacher had said that she had read the old school reports and she feels that J may be too bright for special school!!!!!
J can not read, write his name, no concepts of addition, he can not count to 20 without adult support....he is nine in three weeks time!!!!

We just hope that when they formerly asses him they will be able to see how much his old school lied.....they reported that J was working at level 2 for his Maths....this is child who can not add 2+5 and does not understand the concepts of multiplication!!!!!An independent Early Maths Screening assessment showed J as having an understanding of maths at age 4yrs and 1 month, his Literacy was at age 4yrs and 2 months.....yet his old school has said he was coping well within rangeof his key peers???????????

My leg is getting not injecting....but on warfrin tabs instead....

Had a bit of a horrid experience with lots of negative remarks from my She Dragon Mother....but hey ho I dont need her in my life so have given her the big heave ho....which makes me feel so much dont feel so guilty about finding excuses not to call her....her opinions dont matter.....she thinks we should beat J til he behaves and that SEN is just a poor excuse for crap parenting.......YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing,J is sleeping...(which means so am I) and I'm feeling so happy and positive.....just watch some B*ard come along and spoil it.....

coppertop Tue 08-Feb-05 12:12:07

It sounds like good news all round.

Grrr at the old school talking cr*p about J's ability to keep up etc. Lying b*ggers!

Congratulations on being liberated from the She-Dragon.

boudicca Tue 08-Feb-05 12:12:38

Hello Jaysmum, what a great post so happy for you and dS

Socci Tue 08-Feb-05 12:25:46

Message withdrawn

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 08-Feb-05 12:39:37

Hi Jaysmum - Glad to see things are looking up for you
Did you receive my e-mail I sent???


JaysMum Tue 08-Feb-05 14:37:44

Hi Bloss....No I didn't....whats going on????
Yorkie sent me one too thats floating around in cyber space!!!!!
Must catch up about tonight in the Bar for a quick bevvie and a natter.....hey whats with the no drinking?????????????????

Davros Tue 08-Feb-05 14:50:54

Hi Jaysmum, so glad to hear that things are better, esp the sleeping and leg! Sounds to me like Jay may be right for m/s school but with the RIGHT support. Mind you, there is a huge variety of special schools so maybe don't discount it yet or keep it in mind for secondary.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 08-Feb-05 16:16:34

Hiya Jaysmum

Well have sent it again. Infact tried to send you this really good info on Aspergers that MrsF sent to but it came back saying your mailbox was full!!!! Not sure if that's the problem?

Have re-sent my e-mail so hopefully you should get it this time.

I am around about 9 as I have to pick my car up at 8 as it's been serviced!

I am giving up drinking as I drank 2/3rds of a bottle of wine last night and felt like sh*t this morning. I have also put on weight so I just need to at least stop drinking in the week.

Speak soon BHxxx

Merlot Tue 08-Feb-05 21:27:56

Hi Jaysmum

Glad you had a lovely weekend and

about Jay sleeping. So delighted for you (you can probably tell from all my grins!)

Glad you've been able to dump those nasty injections and that your leg is gradually getting better

Sorry, your mum sounds a real cow, but so glad that you've got supportive friends. Nice to see you posting again

eidsvold Tue 08-Feb-05 21:43:19

glad to read things are looking up.

JaysMum Wed 09-Feb-05 09:19:01

Davros......the placement we have fought so hard for is in a special school......J had 18 hours 1:1 in mainstream.....but didnt cope with having his LSA at all....she is really lovely, but her softly softly approach didnt wash with J and he was walking all over her. No matter how many times I told her she needed to be firm and have boundaries....she didnt listen. She thought that by getting on J's good side and giving in to him, she would gain his confidence....yeah right!!!!He soon learnt that when he didnt want to do something he would say "after conkers" LSA would take him out into the playground and collect the conkers for him....only to be told upon their return to class that he wanted off she would trot!!!!!!!

His mainstream head told us that if we were new parents looking for a placement for J he would refuse J access to his school!!!! No other school in our area will accept him....on the grounds that he would disrupt the classrooms!!!!!

So our only option's were to home ed or seek a placement at the special school....which is lovely and has an ASD unit attached for when J reaches secondary school age...

My concerns are many...are we doing the right thing for J???? will he pick up new habits...which he does because he echos what other people say and will copy all the J too bright for special school?????

Oh I'm waffling now.....I'll go and mumble all my worries away.....just very aprehensive about Thursday!!!!

Davros Wed 09-Feb-05 09:40:08

I see, I thought he was in m/s fulltime. ROFL at the LSA, she should have listened to you! The special school sounds good, I know a very accomplished child with ASD who goes to special school now and it is working wonderfully. It is difficult though to decide to put a child in a totally special needs environment as they won't get behaviour, language etc better than their own modelled. When DS was on a home prog for 4 years he still managed to develop lots of new stims and behaviours, quite spontaneously. If he had been at special school at the time I might have thought he was picking it up there but it just goes to show that these things develop anyway and I'm sure he "teaches" as many behaviours, noises, stims as he learns!

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