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jenk1 Tue 22-Jul-08 18:30:25

came to see us and dd at home today.

the visit went ok, the consultant said that dd is very bossy and demanding.

she said she sees some ASD but not full blown (exactly what the private psych said who dx,d her with PDD-NOS back in march), she wants us to do a 2 week behavioural diary.

we asked about dd,s toileting, she said the paed said there is no neurological reason for her not toilet training and she suggested we put her in shorts and see if the act of wetting herself encourages her to train. shock

cant believe the paed said that, and he,s discharged her, after telling us for 2 years that he thinks she has a loss of sensation.

BUt we are going to try and train her cos we want her out of nappies am sick of them after 4 years.

she is going to visit dd in school when shes setteled in in september, all in all i do feel we were listened to and she said it is good to see that we are firm with her (presumably somebody ie nursery have been suggesting that we are not) cos she said it must be hard discliplining her with all her medical problems shes had and i said well yes but you have to dont you or else she would run riot.
she asked dd was she nasty to ds (we told her she is) and she said yes i am everybody is nasty sometimes, psych looked shocked until DH explained thats what sly and gobbo said off her noddy video and dd said yes thats what they say.!

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