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Extra tuition at home

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jules412 Mon 21-Jul-08 23:14:00

Hi all,

I wondered whether there was anyone that has a child with special needs that has used a tutor for extra support with their childs education.

My daughter was diagnosed at 4.5 yrs with asd/epilepsy, she will be 8 in Sept and has been attending a resource unit for the last 2 years, from what I have discussed with the staff there she has made some progress in that time, but I would like to try and put in place some extra help for her if I can.

I know she has the potential, as we saw this in reception when she attended a mainstream school, just unfortunate her behavior and the teacher she had at that time did not work out.

If there is anyone who knows of a tutor that helps teach children with special needs living in the NW London area, I would be grateful for the information as hope to start something for next term.

thanks Juliewink

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