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Where can I find a decent SALT?

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mm22bys Mon 21-Jul-08 11:56:23

We took DS2 to the London Children's Practice, and we got his report on Friday. Is a normal SALT report just a list of what a child can't do? I would have thought a good therapist would have a list of what probably a younger child should be able to do, then work up to the child's ability, and stop where it's a apparent the child is.

The SALT at LCP tried to get DS2 to follow directions. He can't. He is understanding more (he puts everything in his mouth, but will stop if you say no, or not for eating), but I don't actually think he has the motor skills, let alone the hearing / understanding to follow requests. I don't think the therapist took this into account. Consequently the report is full of: he can't do this, he can't do that.

He CAN make choices, his eye contact is improving, he can turn take with making sounds (like a mini-conversation), and he is making more sounds (lots of vowels and even a few consonants.

Was the therapist right to not mention any of this in her report?

Oh and had a frustrating morning. Got to current SALT to find we had been double-booked, she had him in for 2 hours later. Got home, and I was right, she was wrong. Luckily she can see him tomorrow. But am thinking - if she can't even keep a diary....

TotalChaos Mon 21-Jul-08 12:27:04

just had a look at DS's first private SALT report - it has several sections

1)background info
2)development history
3)strengths and difficulties (with general para about his speech/language level, containing the positive stuff), then sub paras about
ii)social interaction
iii)language comprehension
iv)Hearing, listening, attention and auditory skills
v)expressive language
vi)content and use of language
vii)speech production

Most of which contained the negative stuff!

Then a conclusion about what to work on next.

So -whilst I would expect the SALT to give a lot of attention to what your DS can't do, and what needs work on, I would expect some attention to what he currently can do.

TotalChaos Mon 21-Jul-08 12:28:54

are you happy with what SALT has recommended for you to do next?

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