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Am I being over sensitive or is the new Heat "simpleton"; ad a tad offensive?

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KT14 Wed 16-Jul-08 20:10:39

Just saw it today and wondered what anyone else thought - in case you haven't seen it, it refers to somebody not speaking as being a "simpleton" until they get Heat magazine and then can presumably converse about important world issues such as Paris Hilton's latest hair do..

I'm not generally that touchy, (and I do love a sneaky read of Heat,) but it struck a nerve given the royal hoo ha we're going through with DS1's delayed speech. Would have thought they would have been a bit more careful with their marketing after the stink that got kicked up when they produced an unbelievably ill thought out sticker making fun of Jordan's SN son..

I could well be being over sensitive on this one. Am happy for anyone to tell me if so!

MannyMoeAndJack Wed 16-Jul-08 21:06:38

Haven't seen it but it doesn't surprise me. It's the same old story, jibes aimed at mental status are still 'acceptable' in UK. As parents of SN kids, we are sensitised to such jibes but of course, it doesn't make it right sad

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