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MUM23ASD Tue 15-Jul-08 23:40:12

In tesco last night i bought a craft set called "CORDZ" which was £10 and on a buy one get one free offer...

Its brilliant as it is intended....but...when i opened the box...and found 4 A4 sized VELCRO COVERED BOARDS i thought of PECS.

Its the 'prickly' stuff on the you'd have to have the 'fluffy' side on your pecs.

(does anyone know what the hell i'm on about!!!!????)

this is the best picture i could find of the VELCRO BOARDS

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 16-Jul-08 17:16:35

oh thanks - that's useful.

MUM23ASD Thu 17-Jul-08 08:50:22

(and i've just bought 2 more sets....'just in case')

Actually....1 set is to keep as a complete spare.....and the other is to take out the boards for 'visual timetables' and give ds3 the bits that came with it to add to his stash.

(am going to 'attempt' to make one of the boards a 'folding' board- not sure how yet...will have to get my creative juices flowing...but am planning one board to be 'portable' to put in my bag when we are out.)

TotalChaos Thu 17-Jul-08 09:11:31

btw - WHS in my city has 50% off laminators atm - I thought of you grin

MUM23ASD Thu 17-Jul-08 09:30:34 i need a spare for my spare laminator???? wink

TotalChaos Thu 17-Jul-08 09:35:48

since you are here - I want to pick your brains about visual aids. DS (4.4) has a moderate speech/language delay. Despite PECs having worked wonders at getting him to speak in sentences, the general SALT attitude (both NHS and private) seems to be he doesn't need PECs anymore. BUT - he still struggles with telling me simple stuff - what he did at school etc- so surely it can't do any harm to have a PECs page with "reading", "singing", "playing" etc symbols to hand to help prompt him when talking about his day?

magso Thu 17-Jul-08 09:38:46

Thanks - sounds useful for visual timetables and task prompts(over the basin, next to the toothbrushes... I live in hope ds will not need me to point to the reminders one day wink)! Less hard on the walls than blutac hopefully! Must get laminator too.

MUM23ASD Thu 17-Jul-08 10:46:20

I've never used PECS as they are 'meant to be used'...before i even new about aspergers i had already stuck post-it notes around the house as prompts and reminders.......FOR ME!
(a stage on from that which 'everyone does '...mine were things to remind me what i was doing...what i shouldn't do....keep me focussed....reduce my distractions....I'd even add simple sketches- using different colur pens...all because i HAD to do this...not because i'd been told.9 I now have a DX of OCD... but see lots of ADHD/AS in me too. Diagnosis is not important- its the strategies that matter)

that was even before i had children!!!

so...moving on to NOW and modifying PECS as you both described.

DS1 (currently) has a post-it note 'list' (1 per note) of what he needs to do- and in his case- if they are not there- he cannot remember what he should do- which is frustrating for him- and DH does not get it at he will for example tell ds to do a 'non specific' task- and still be shocked when he gets a stroppy grumpy teenage reply...whereas when i use the post-it notes...i give him say 5 individual tasks and he does them...and in much less time than he'd take if i were directing him- as he is very confrontational at the moment- so him getting on with things alone is much better for the peace and tranquility i crave and fantisis about!!!

DS2 has a visual timetable at school- so everytime he gets muddled at home he shouts angrily at me that he needs a a timetable he will now have. His will also have a 'how i feel today' he often brings me notes where he has written 'cross' or drawn a sad face- as his way of telling me he is feeling that way...and this is in a child who is cosidered very verbal!!! So for a child who has a dx of language delay....descriptive pictures of how they feel, what they did at school etc would be fantastic.

I shall make ds2 one for just can be his 'story board'...he can stick on it what he did each day

I'm also finally labeling all drawers and toy boxes in ds2 &3's room with laminated pictures of what goes inside them....ds2 is disorganised yet frustrated if he cannot find something.HE has not put away.

I'd recomment each picture be outlined in a colour which would link similar pictures together- so the child would then see that for example 'emotional' pictures are edged in yellow, 'inappropriate behaviours' with red, 'desired' behaviours with green, 'activities at school' with purple.... if that makes sense.

or behaviours could be linked to a traffic light- red,amber & green.....

older children may like a themometer type thing where you stick an arrow where they 'are at' that day on the themometre

anger managment is something we can use the laminator for not to seal the child up in a pouch!...but to make a volcano - and get the child to stick their cosen picture exactly where they feel on the volcano...calm...erupting etc.... (we used one for the adults in the parenting group i attended- we had to stick our post-it note where we felt we were when we arrived at the group- and then move it elsewhere on the volcano IF we felt we needed to before we went home)

i'll post more if i have any more ideas...i feel i am talking aload of &*"!£ today.... so will try to 'arrange my thoughts' on paper before i return!!!

He's also very funny about what we call 'what day,what time'...his reaction whenever anyting is planned- so will use a separate one for daily plans.

TotalChaos Thu 17-Jul-08 21:23:20

thank you mum23, some very useful musings there on use of PECs.

knat Fri 18-Jul-08 17:13:30

very intersting mum23 - some good ideas. dd is asd (prob aspergers) and adhd. She is very good vocuabulary wise but doesn't process language well do you think PECS would help here? I find visual timetables not always helpful as if its something she doesnt want to do she gets upset before it even happens!

misscutandstick Fri 18-Jul-08 17:22:15

DS1 (15yrs) always needs a timetable - tho he can manage a verbal one mostly. But as with Knat - he throws a strop for most of the day if theres something on there that hes not keen on... so sometimes the strop at not being told, is actually shorter than the full day strop waiting for it!!! its evil i know... grin

magso Sat 19-Jul-08 18:11:13

Mum23asd thanks for the ideas. You are right about nessessity and invention! We also had not heard of PECS (till I joined mumsnet) - there is no SLT for nonverbal (nonDxed) kids here. But quite by accident realised we could use simple photoes in a buggybook to comunicate (biscuit, drink etc) and went from there. (Ds aged about 2.5 started licking the biscuit picture so I figured he might be hungry!). I used magnetic pegs to display photoes of our intended day long before we heard of visual timetables. But must do something more sophisticated now - (postit on wall to buy that laminator!)

12345678910 Sun 20-Jul-08 14:36:40

i am about to make a visual board for my 4 year old can anyone advise where to get the boards i tried tesco but they dont have any we r in northern ireland

MUM23ASD Mon 21-Jul-08 15:17:55

sorry- the set i mentioned in tesco- which has 4 boards - is at cheapest £15 everywhere i looked on line....Amazon.UK do it...just search for CORDZ

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