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Recommended books about Asperger's Syndrome?

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Tiggiwinkle Fri 04-Feb-05 10:48:10

As I have previously posted, my DS5 is currently going through assessment for possible Aspergers-his full assessment date is 31st March, but the clinical psychologist told me yesterday that there are a lot of things in his behaviour which suggest he may well have AS. I would like to get some books, but looking at the National Autistic Society website, it is a bit bewildering as to which to get without spening an absolute fortune. Any recommendations?

Swilt Fri 04-Feb-05 11:03:03

The oasis guide to asperger syndrome by Patricia Romanowski bashe and Barbara Kirby is a really thorough and informative book. Kirby founded OASIS (Online ASperger syndrome Information and Support) Web Site. Also I rememeber being impressed with a book by Tony Attwood but I'm afriad I can't remember what the book was called.

MrsFROSTgetful Fri 04-Feb-05 11:04:05

Hi...this isn't a book - but i discovered this the other day and its great...i have 2 sons with also has ADHD.

This is a website/online book.... if you like it and want it to print off - i can email it as a word document to you.

this would be graet for teachers as well as parents!

here is the web address...just paste it into your address bar.....

roisin Sat 05-Feb-05 09:10:22

Mrsfrostgetful - this looks very interesting. Could you email it to me, please? I've sent you a CAT! Thanks

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 11:54:48

Tony Attwoods Aspergers Syndrome

Martian in the Palyground is supposed to be really good but haven't read it myself

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 11:55:03

playground even!

Tiggiwinkle Sat 05-Feb-05 12:54:35

Many thanks for your replies. I have ordered the Tony Attwood and Oasis books.
MrsFROSTgetful-I have sent you a CAT with my email-many thanks.

MrsFROSTgetful Sat 05-Feb-05 15:31:37

i will go on my email tonight....T is being a pain in the !$%! at the moment and i NEED TO GET HIM BACK ON THE PC (to give me some PEACE!!!!)i'll try simply mailing the document...may take a while to download at your end.....but really is worth the wait....just go off make a cup of tea....and hopefully when you get back it will have reached you!!!!

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 15:35:12

Oh can I be a real pain and ask for a copy Mrs F

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 15:35:42

Forgot to add please (how rude)

MrsFROSTgetful Sat 05-Feb-05 15:40:38

can you CAT me we have had many reboots on this PC since going on broadband so have lost your email!!!

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 15:46:16


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