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i Need to let off Steam.................................

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jenk1 Fri 11-Jul-08 11:32:15

Just had a transition meeting with DD,s new school teacher and the witches of eastwick, well 2 of them.

We say DD,s SN are:

Incontinence due to hemi/toilet phobia.
Possible ASD (shes already been dx,d with PDD-NOS by an independent psych but is undergoing asessment with CAMHS)
need for routine and told everything in advance.
behavioural difficulties.

Witches say

No behavioural problems at all over 3 years since she,s been there shock
Can we get her toilet trained ASAP shock
No difficulties with social/interaction
they forsee no problems with her making the transition to school.

new teacher was very nice and has made a booklet for DD with pictures of all staff and classroom/dining room etc.and stressed continually that she will make her own asessment of DD when she starts and she told us 3 times that she has an open door policy and we can speak to her whenever we want.

i HATE the nursery, but i was very good and bit my tongue.

just needed to rant.

TotalChaos Fri 11-Jul-08 11:45:12

thank god the school sound a lot more open-minded and on the ball than nursery.

BriocheDoree Fri 11-Jul-08 11:47:41

Oh poor you! That's so unhelpful, isn't it! Do they think we like going in there talking about everything that's wrong with our kids?? At least the new teacher seems more open minded.
I sent DD to school completely not toilet trained!! (They start at 3 here and I didn't know at the time she was dev. delayed). She only went mornings and kind of figured out how to hold it in! She still wears a nappy to do a poo, and next year she starts full time school so I'm really hoping she figures out the poo thingy at some point!
Lets hope that the routine at the new school helps DD settle in. So nice of the teacher to do a picture booklet. Lets hope the future is brighter than the nursery have been!

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