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Meeting with Paed Today-warning long!

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jenk1 Wed 09-Jul-08 19:51:31

took dd to see her Paed today.
he isnt the developmental one, but he has been dealing with her asthma and eczema which are under control, so he,s discharged her.
felt a bit sad when he said he was discharging her, that might sound funny cos she has come on so well but it was like we were saying goodbye to a dear friend!
he has written letters to the witches at the LEA and always backed us up.

he said

"when DD first came to me 18mths old, i was extremely worried about her, but i have to say you,ve done a fantastic job looking after her, im so pleased to see how well she,s doing, she,s gaining weight, her speech is sorted, hearing and tonsils sorted and eczema/asthma and so i have no choice but to discharge her as i have a long waiting list, much as id love to keep her",

we played him a video of us trying to toilet train her and her reaction, it wasnt a nice video to watch and he said ok dont do anything for a few months, show the psychiatrist this video as well, she has a very severe case of toileting phobia,which isnt surprising given everything she has gone through.

he,s writing to the psych to tell her thats what he has recommended we do re her toileting.
he said ill keep hold of her file and im always only ever a phonecall away if you get any hassle.

what a nice man, am going to send him a card thanking him for always being there at the end of the phone when ive phoned him panicking over her fitting etc.

Buckets Thu 10-Jul-08 17:49:36

How lovely, and encouraging to know there are such nice people in useful places out there. Must be strange to be able to close a chapter like that.

jenk1 Thu 10-Jul-08 21:06:47

yes it did, yesterday i felt a bit sad, and then i felt weird for feeling that!!!!!

he is a lovely man and he gave DD a kiss on her hand when we left, i started welling up.

TotalChaos Thu 10-Jul-08 21:38:47

glad there's such a nice professional been involved with DD

deeeja Thu 10-Jul-08 22:21:37

Oh, what a lovely lovely paed.
It is really good to hear of docs who want to help our kids. Both my 5 year old and 3 year old have the same consultant psyche now, and he is amazing too. He has sorted out alot of problems for us. It makes such a difference to have a good doc, I must say.

eidsvold Thu 10-Jul-08 23:19:24

these are the ones we want to keep hold of and never let go aren't they smile

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