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Has anyone taken their DC to the London Children's Practice?

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mm22bys Wed 09-Jul-08 11:30:54

Hi, we have an appointment with the London Children's Practice on Friday (that day-off didn't last long!). Have you taken your DC there? What can we expect?

We are very dissatisfied with DS's speech therapy provision (both NHS and private), so are keen to try something new.


silverfrog Wed 09-Jul-08 11:57:40

We took dd1 there earlier this year, on recommendation from the solicitors we engaged to help with the statement battle.

what kind of things do yoiu want yo know?

have to give dd2 her lunch now, but will be back in a bit and happy to answer as best I can

Davros Wed 09-Jul-08 12:10:34

Ooh, I am interested as I am nosey. It used to be Ruth Jacobs where I took DS many years ago. The LCP is part of Eagle House I think which seems to be taking over the world! Would like to hear more.......

silverfrog Wed 09-Jul-08 13:36:33

Right, back again.

We went to the LCP in March this year. Dd1 is 3 and ASD, has a sever language delay and some OT issues. We are in the middle of statementing, and know that we are up against a fight as dd1 is so placid and easy going, so have got a solicitor on board advising. She recommended that we get private assessments done, to be included in statementing advice.

The clinic is in some tucked away street in central London - a real bugger to get to if you are coming from outside London. I had to take both dds with me (dd2 was 13 months, dd1 then 3.6) and so drove in - there is an NCP just up the road which is quite handy.

The building is not user friendly at all .I don't know your situation, but I had to take my two in the buggy (road safety issues with dd1, and dd2 not walking, plus loads of coats/snacks etc to carry), and there are 3 large steps up into the building, with an entryphone and then a door release that is all but impossible to manage with wheels... Once inside, we were then told that our appt was up on the third floor - ok for us as we could unload the children, but no-one at the practice thought to ask if mobility was a problem when we booked. If it is, I suggest you mention it.

The SALT we saw was fab. She took a brief history (we had provided previous reports for her beforehand) and then got down to playing with dd1. Normal stuff - range of toys out to see what dd1 woud do with them, asked dd1 some questions to guage responses, was happy for me to ask the questions so that we could get a baseline response from dd. She listened to what we said, and took on board the phrases we used and incorporated them in to her language to make dd1 feel more at home.

We then left the room for a few minutes so that she could see how dd1 was when we left, and how she responded to langauge/instruction from her without us there. Then called us back in and we had more of a chat. She was good at trying to find stuf that dd was interested in (rather than the usual "oh, look, bubbles!" approach that most SALTs use, and was happy to work with what did interest dd1.

we then got a full report through later, which is fairly comprehensive. It does what we wanted it to, which is to recommend an ASD unit for dd1, rather than supported mainstream which is what the LEA want, but if I had wanted SALT advice for dd1, then I may have been less impressed.

It is the most comprehensive advice we have received, but it is still very generalised. having said that, the SALT did only see dd1 for one session, so she cannot be expected to give full ongoing advice. I am happy to send you a copy of the report if you want to see what I mean - CAT me, and I'll send it on.

Can't think of anyhting else right now - if you have any questions, let me know.

Mamax4 Fri 11-Jul-08 23:18:12

I am bumping this as was thinking of taking ds there for an eval, as well. MM22bys, tell us how it went. They also have a SN nursery there (for 75 quid a session). Anyone know how the nursery is? That's a lot of money for 2.5 hrs, no?

HayleyK Tue 09-Sep-08 20:48:40

I'm going to look at the nursery there for full time place - though little scared by what you suggest it costs as I haven't asked that question yet - would love to know anyones experiences. Thanks

BagLady75 Sun 14-Sep-08 22:50:18

My DS used to go there for language and social skills groups back when it was Ruth Jacobs. To be candid, overall I was not all that impressed. Whilst some of the the SALTs were excellent, others seemed a bit inexperienced. It was also very expensive by any standards. We eventually switched to a private language group in north London.

mm22bys Mon 15-Sep-08 08:24:56

Wow, I'd forgotten I'd started this thread! Two months have gone so quickly...

To update, we have been going now for a couple of months. We have sessions often with an OT and SALT, they are both very experienced and even since DS2 started, he has made loads of progress.

Their costs are similar to other therapists we have seen, and compared to others, are very reasonable indeed.

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