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anyone have experience of ODD

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allytjd Mon 07-Jul-08 21:56:04

I have posted before about how DS1 (9) has always caused me more bother than DS2(7)who has aspergers. I have flip flopped between thinking he has ADD, a mild learning disability or even Aspergers too, or maybe me being a poor parent. Recently I have been reading up on ODD and it fits very well with his behaviour at home (he is better behaved, although not relaxed or confident ,at school). What reaction or help am I likely to get from the health service if i turn up at the GP's with ODD as my tentative DIY diagnosis? I have already had some contact with CAMHS for his little brother I wonder if that could help. DS!'s shitty behaviour has ruined so many evenings ,weekends, and holidays it is seriuosly affecting how we feel about him which makes us feel v. sadsad.

ouryve Mon 07-Jul-08 22:39:32

You have nothing to lose by asking to speak to CAMHS or to be referred to someone who can refer you on and see what they think. THat's what they're there for, after all. If you already have aspergers in the family, the chances are your concerns will be taken seriously. Meantime, does DS1 get any sort of sibling support? It might be that he needs that at the moment and even if there does turn out to be no organic cause for his behaviour, there may a a reactive element that he needs some help with.

bonkerz Tue 08-Jul-08 07:43:15

my DS has a DX of ODD although i am pushing for further asessement for ASD as i believe the aggression comes from the ODD but that he has other behaviours and traits which do not. TBH i have found the ODD DX has caused lots of problems because teachers and schools see it and realise it means aggression! My SIL is a teacher and said ODD is scary to MS because not enough is known about it. Some professionals class ODD as ASD and some dont. It can only co morbidly exist too so ODD with ASD or ODD with ADHD. TBH i think ODD was given to my DS because CAMHS thought it would be helpful but all it has done is cause more problems!

mrspitt Wed 09-Jul-08 16:04:10

I have believed in ODD as a possiblity for my ds(6.5) also with Aspergers tendecies. My HV who i think is fantastic!! does not greet well with the thought behind ODD, almost as if it is an excuse for behaviour. My ds can be very defiant and even when you do tell him off / exzplain he just not aknowledge what hass been said and will continue what he is doing.
I too have felt quite often that i don't like my child sad but i know most of the time he cannot actually help his actions.

Candlewax Wed 09-Jul-08 23:01:33

My ds's actual dx's are AS, ODD & ADD.

I think the ODD quite often comes with AS when they are younger as it must be so hard for an AS child to be able to conform when they don't know how to. They also, in their earlier years, want to be in some sort of control to be able to manage their anxieties and what easier way then saying "No" to anyone who puts pressure on them? My ds could cope with being told one thing, but tell him another two or three and then you had a child who was not going to do anything! They also do not realise that they are anxious and this results in ODD behaviour.

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