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mobility car and services!

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sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 09:20:21

My car is due its service, and I am crapping myself!! It has a small mark on it where I hit another car last year, It was reported but at
the time I thought it was just paint tranfer and would rub out, but when I did it, it shows that the top layer has slightly been damaged, also there is a mark where my buggy flew out the back
recently. Is it true they charge you £100 per mark? I am thinking that all the little marks are going to add up to a stupid amount!!!

lou33 Wed 02-Feb-05 09:22:23

sorry mieow i can't help you, but it seems a bit extortionate and too generalised to charge that surely?! Hope not, we were talking about getting a new car via mobility the other day. Might make us reconsider!

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 09:23:59

My dad said that his friend was changed £75 per mark, and it cost him £300. I am really worried about it, and of course I don't have that much money to hand over

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 09:25:54

lou if I was you I would Buy a car through the Mobility scheme, you have to pay the insurance and any breakdown trubles but TBH at least its yours at the end of it

lou33 Wed 02-Feb-05 09:27:27

we probably will mieow. What car do you have?

Think it sounds v highly priced. HAve you called them to ask?

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 09:28:35

I have a Peugot Partner combi, but i don't want to phone them in case they have a go at me!! I know, I'm a wuss

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 09:29:43

its due to go back this year, too.

lou33 Wed 02-Feb-05 09:32:21

pretend to be someone else? say you are calling on behalf of someone else for a general enquiry

lou33 Wed 02-Feb-05 09:32:42

we keep looking at the c8

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 09:41:30

DH has just booked it in for me, I still am crapping it.

lou33 Wed 02-Feb-05 09:43:26

would come with you if i were closer

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 09:46:16

the garage itself are pretty good, but it Mobility that scare me!! lol

lou33 Wed 02-Feb-05 09:49:01

still would help if i could

onlyjoking9329 Wed 02-Feb-05 09:52:09

don't worry, we are on our second mobility car now and when they check the car you are allowed fair wear and tear i think any bumps scratches are measured so you may be o.k, my mate bumped her car 3 times, each time she had to just pay the excess which i think was 75 quid, she is a wheelchair user and has lots of marks from getting wheelchair in and out of the boot but they were o.k about it, they are not that strict i was worried when they came to do the three year inspection and they gave us a card to say well done your car is in excellent condition, dunno how they came to that opinion

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 10:08:58

I took the car in Sept, for a problem with the braking system, and asked them to do the service as it was due, and they told me not til 12,000 miles, so off I went, and now Mobility are writing snotty letters saying that its overdue. The car is due to be returneed in July. I have lost the speaker covers on the door, I think they must have been knocked off when we have got out the car. The car is a bit messy so must clean it, and it has these little marks, from the whellchair, which reminds me, on the inside of the boot, the interior has been damaged where the wheelchair has banged against it, am I going to charged for that!?? Oh why did I get into a Mobility Car, should have brought one!

slightlymad Thu 03-Feb-05 14:19:41

Well - if it helps, my neighbours have a mobility car (and so do I!!!)....they are waaaay less that careful - in fact their last 2 (They are on number 3 now) went back with quite a lot of interior marks - and more than it's fair share of bodywork marks too - and they have never been charged a PENNY!!
Their 3 kids are always climbing all over it, bikes have been down the side of it, footballs kicked at it - in fact - it's even been broken into because she left the window down!! But no one has ever bothered about it!
Hope you get on ok!

sparklymieow Fri 04-Feb-05 18:27:21

I have just had the airbag warning light sorted, and the car is going in on the 22nd for its services, they said it may have to go to the bodyshop and I will get a curtory car while its in, but they will be giving me a Peugot 206!!!!! My DH drives a 206 and I know that its will be far to small, how can I get three carseats and a wheelchair AND a Major buggy into one of them FFS!!

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