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Can't remember who posted about it but thanks to whoever mentioned sick kids in the Uk's website

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used2bthin Sun 06-Jul-08 13:08:31

I've just joined smile I'd heard of it before but never been on and it looks like it will be really useful. Also I found a link through it to a charity run which I am going to do for DD's support group charity. I've wanted to do something for them for a while as they have been a lifeline to me so thanks for that!

used2bthin Sun 06-Jul-08 13:40:33

Argh I meant special kids! Sick kids is a hospital!

littleredcorvette Sun 06-Jul-08 23:31:52

Glad that you've joined Special Kids. I'm addicted to the site!

used2bthin Mon 07-Jul-08 14:15:26

Yes it does look good. Not quite got my head round it yet as the lay out is very different to here but I'll be posting soon enough I'm sure!

mshadowsisfab Mon 07-Jul-08 14:34:15

I am on there. I find it very useful, and i got me in touch with a mum from dd's school.
( I am bulletformyvalentine on there. normally 2shoes on here)

used2bthin Mon 07-Jul-08 14:44:34

Oh I will look out for you. I am Layla on there.

TotalChaos Mon 07-Jul-08 14:45:40

I post on there very occasionally - sometimes there's a relevant topic on the communication board.

used2bthin Mon 07-Jul-08 14:49:45

Actually do you mind telling me how you met the mum from your DD's school please? Thats the sort of thing I was hoping will happen but I couldn't see a meet ups section.

used2bthin Mon 07-Jul-08 14:51:54

It'll be like an extension of Mumsnet for me! Brilliant! My list of sites I religiously check for new posts is growing, not sure if this is a good or bad thing but it keeps me out of trouble grin

mshadowsisfab Mon 07-Jul-08 15:13:53

she just reconised dd when They welcomed me and said she knew her.
so how can I find you on there?

used2bthin Mon 07-Jul-08 17:49:39

I'm on there as Layla but not posted yet as I'm not sure where to start. They welcomed me yesterday though (or maybe Saturday but I think yesterday) It seems like a nice friendly site so I'm sure I will post I'll keep checking it. I spent a long time lurking before I posted on MN too!

Mamax4 Sat 12-Jul-08 18:09:12

Can you post the site link please? thx.

2shoes Sat 12-Jul-08 18:59:53

your wish is my command

SparklyGothKat Sat 12-Jul-08 19:02:50

i'm maria on SKinUK, not been on much tbh

Mamax4 Sat 12-Jul-08 20:43:21

Thanks 2shoes!

Romy7 Sun 13-Jul-08 19:50:23

look in the get-togethers link in the index.

loads of meet-ups, plan your own and they will subsidise - annual camping trip with oodles of kids and families - this year in Derbyshire i think...

v friendly!

Seuss Mon 14-Jul-08 00:14:28

Thanks - just joined!smile

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