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DD1 had a big week ;)

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eidsvold Sun 30-Jan-05 04:46:57

Dd1 made me even more proud than I normally of her last week. My SIl was down with my two nieces who are roughly the same ages as my two but a bit older.

Dd1 used to let dn1 get away with murder - if she snatched a toy then dd1 would let her have it... now she is fighting back and not letting go so readily if she really wants to play with something.

On Thursday we went to a soft play area - dd1 has never been to one before - she had a ball... she loved the ball pit and the smaller children's play area.. at one stage I went in to rescue her thinking she was struggling and the monkey bum shuffled away from me as fast as she could - checking over her shoulder to see if I was chasing or not.

We started a game this week where I pretend to be a tiger and crawl around the floor after her, then I would stop and say don;t catch me - she then very quickly realised that was her cue to chase me and chase me she did. I would roar and so on - she then started copying my roaring and waving of arms... so cute to see.

She is pickingup signs so quickly and we now have please.... did not take long using yoghurt as the reward.

On Thursday we got some photos back -= we had studio portraits taken of the family and the girls and dd1 looked so gorgeous I almost burst into tears. Really had to get control of myself. All the photos were beautiful but dd1 juts blew me away with the way the pics came back and how photogenic she was...made me realise what a little girl she is - not my baby anymore.

Friday we went to the park to play and to feed the ducks - need to work on that a bit - dd thought the bread was for her.. and tried to eat it.

So this week has been a brilliant week in the eidsvold household

Next week - everything starts again - dd1 is starting swimming lessons tomorrow - not sure how that will go. Then playgroup and new therapy starts too - will be interesting to see how she goes with the new OT and a new playgroup teacher.....

suzywong Sun 30-Jan-05 06:42:56

She is very photogenic eidsvold, the studio shots must have been wonderful

Hope your knees don't buckle during the tiger game and hope the new term goes great

coppertop Sun 30-Jan-05 13:59:12

It sounds as though dd1 has had a fantastic week. Good luck with tomorrow's swimming lessons.

edam Sun 30-Jan-05 14:05:24

Dd1 sounds lovely eidsvold, think you are fully entitled to a proud mummy moment! Hope this week goes really well.

Davros Sun 30-Jan-05 18:15:44

Lovely to hear that things are going well.

Blossomhill Sun 30-Jan-05 19:27:41

Lovely to hear that you all had such a lovely week. Hope this week is the same and the swimming lessons go well!

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