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hearing aids AND glasses?

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geekgrrl Thu 27-Jan-05 14:02:51

Is there anyone here whose child wears both? Dd wears hearing aids and was today found to be far sighted and will be getting glasses on Saturday. She's getting the frame where the bit behind the ear is flexible and curves right around the ear. I'd just like some reassurance that it'll be just fine with all these bits and pieces taking up space behind her tiny ears.
Of course, she looked just adorable with her glasses today when trying them on at specsavers.

bundle Thu 27-Jan-05 14:08:10

geekgrrl, i'm really glad you've found some nice glasses for her, the choice was dire when i started wearing glasses when i was about ten. i spoke to an audiologist about children and they do all sorts of funky colours for the behind the ear type of hearing aids. she said she loved testing children because most of her clients were elderly, and the kids were always such fun! a little boy who used to go to our nursery had glasses and hearing aids and yes, they did fall off a bit but everyone helped him out and it never seemed to bother him. sorry can't offer more practical help but i'm sure someone on here can

geekgrrl Thu 27-Jan-05 14:13:28

hi bundle, yes dd has some very cute bright red hearing aids with sparkly moulds, the choice is fab! The kids' glasses however were mostly like mini adult ones, but we managed to find some pretty pink glasses.

Davros Fri 28-Jan-05 10:49:53

SOrry to hear she needs both but good that she can have some funky/girly ones.
This reminded me of a friend whose DS needed glasses so they decided to follow someone's advice and let him choose. Of course he went for the sparkly parlm trees or crossed guitars! THey managed to persuade him to have something a bit more conventional!

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