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It's in the Daily Mail TODAY Thomcat...

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pixiefish Mon 24-Jan-05 10:15:59

Love the piccie-

RTKangaMummy Mon 24-Jan-05 10:17:28

Please could you do a link to article

pixiefish Mon 24-Jan-05 10:20:43

will try

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 10:21:06

Message withdrawn

LIZS Mon 24-Jan-05 10:23:43

is it in the online edition ?

pixiefish Mon 24-Jan-05 10:26:21

its on the letters page of the mail- can't seem to find a letters page in the online edition.
The Letter leads the letters page and there's a pic of thomcat, Lottie and Lottie's gran

JanH Mon 24-Jan-05 10:27:19

The Mail website is pretty limited - doubt it will be there.

weightwatchingwaterwitch Mon 24-Jan-05 10:29:07

I just had a quick look and couldn't see it.

RTKangaMummy Mon 24-Jan-05 10:31:00

Lockets thread here


lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 10:35:03

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Mon 24-Jan-05 10:38:10

Letters page. Page 57

ThomCat Mon 24-Jan-05 10:57:26

Oh is it, thanks for leting me know will pop out and get a copy at lunch.

ThomCat Tue 25-Jan-05 10:52:15

Saw it last night. blimey, they chopped the letter in half and changed the wording a bit and said 'Down's children' which is horrible rather than 'children with Down's syndrome'. So annoying. Oh well, when all said and done, it's another positive message which is what it's all about.

Hulababy Tue 25-Jan-05 10:57:15

Saw this when having lunch yesterday. Well done to your mum Lovely photo.

RnB Wed 26-Jan-05 15:31:16

Message withdrawn

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