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Fish oil supplements/GFCF diet

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Socci Fri 21-Jan-05 23:07:40

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Sat 22-Jan-05 12:57:40

You can do a urine test at the uni of sunderland. We did that when ds1 was 2 and he went gluten free soon afterwards. MAde a huge difference. We've tried cf a few times but doesn't sem to affect him.

Fish oils also made a big difference and I would recommend them anyway. I am having trouble getting cod liver oil into him at the moment- but he will have it on pancakes under jam. Other fish oils I get from the states and he'll have those on toast. (the cod liver oil is nastier and fishier- we give it for the vitamin A)

Socci Sat 22-Jan-05 13:01:15

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Sat 22-Jan-05 13:04:44

Socci - we tried our dd on it and she went completely off of the rails. We tried it 3 times as we wondered if it was a coincidence and believe me I wouldn't touch the stuff again, nightmare. Obvioulsy every child is different!

Jimjams Sat 22-Jan-05 13:05:17

I know a number of children who've gone a bit loopy on eyeQ (apparently according to ds1's nutritionist- its to do with the omega3mega6 ratio that is used. So I've tended to avoid it (he went hyper on one which had a similar ratio). I ship ours in from the states and get the cod liver oil from the nutritionist- but use a bit of a mix,

Jimjams Sat 22-Jan-05 13:05:44

i keep typing by mistake!

JakB Sun 23-Jan-05 19:56:01

Jimjams, as I was so useless and didn't get dd tested is it too late to do Sunderland test altogether now?

Jimjams Sun 23-Jan-05 20:10:39

I think the results are a bit useless if they've been gfcf for a while- ideally you'd have to challenge her i think (that would be fun- not!) Why not ring them and ask though- they're very lovely up there.

beccaboo Mon 24-Jan-05 11:09:35

I think the diet has helped ds, although tbh there's no way of knowing whether the improvements would have happened anyway. We can only assume that it's helping. I've lost count of the number of people who have said he is a 'different child', including the paediatrician.

I can't get him to take Eskimo 3 in anything, it's really fishy. I use hemp oil now, mainly because I can get him to eat it, I put it on his cereal.

JakB, the casein leaves their system really quickly, in a few days, so the test can't pick it up if she's already dairy free. The gluten takes a bit longer. Sunderland have recently changed their rules, you can now only have one test. We tested after we'd taken dairy out of ds' diet and I wish we'd tested earlier - a small amount of gluten showed up on his test, but I suspect that milk was the big problem for him, and it would have helped to have definite evidence of that.

Socci, there is a list of symptoms that can suggest a child might benefit from the diet - check out on google, or there are several books on Amazon. My family were completely sceptical and thought we were clutching at straws, but now they've changed their minds. It's fairly daunting at first, and I spent hours in the 'free from' aisle at Sainsburys peering at labels - but once you're in the swing it's not too bad.

pixel Mon 24-Jan-05 12:43:43

Socci, seems to me that if you are interested in the diet you should try it and see. You've got nothing to lose and if you don't you will always be wondering.

We did it for 9 months last year and although we saw benefits at first things seemed to level off pretty quickly. Ds has come on in leaps and bounds since we stopped the diet so I don't really think it had much effect on him. We are still glad we tried though.

oh, and EyeQ sent him loopy as well!

JakB Mon 24-Jan-05 14:27:06

Beccaboo, that's really interesting. You know what, I've been giving DD goat's cheese the past couple of months after a year of total dairy-freeness. And it's since then that she's had these really awful ear infections.
Makes me think.
Will call them...

beccaboo Mon 24-Jan-05 20:59:43

JakB, that's interesting, I wonder if it's connected? CAT me if you want any more info on the diet

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