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misscutandstick Sat 31-May-08 20:37:08

I didnt know anything about this, until i read one of the other threads. Could anyone tell me who I need to contact in connection with this scheme? Also, how does my son become "registered disabled"? He currently receives middle rate DLA (hes ADHD, dyspraxic+) and we live in nottinghamshire district (worksop just outside doncaster) if thats any help. Also DS5 is just starting the diagnosis procedure for possible austism. Does the scheme cater for certain ages? - i had a good look at the website ( ) but I didnt get much detail/information TBH. thanks for any help. XX

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Davros Sat 31-May-08 23:13:07

I've never heard of mymax card scheme but your Soc Svs dept should hold a register of disabled children (and adults I suppose) which they use for planning services. You can join the register without having any other involvement with Soc Svs but you may get some benefits such as ID card for your DS, newsletter, invited to parent-carers events etc. HTH

KarenThirl Sun 01-Jun-08 07:04:50

Mine is issued by the Community Resource Worker on the Children With Disabilities Team.

geekgirl Sun 01-Jun-08 07:44:20

that mymax card scheme is only for looked after children and their foster families according to the website - has someone told you that families with children with SN can get one too?

KarenThirl Sun 01-Jun-08 07:50:29

The scheme was originally for Looked-After Children. In our area it was extended last year to include children with disabilities and their families. The information was on the website and the Children With Disabilities Team hadn't been aware of it (up till that point the resource worker would snaffle packs from Fostering and Adoption!). It might very between regions but it's worth checking out as you can get some good discounts

misscutandstick Sun 01-Jun-08 19:59:14

Many thanks for all your replies, theres lots of very useful info there, and i will chase all leads up - thanks again to everyone.

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Mammiesboy4 Fri 09-Aug-19 17:52:48

I have just received a max card I live in Sunderland and I don't drive so limited on distance wise. Where can I use this I've read you can use it in loads of places but can find many places online. Any ideas would be appreciated tia

ElyElyOy Sat 10-Aug-19 19:42:18

@Mammiesboy4 you put your post code in and it brings up places local to you: it’s in the FAQs section of the website.

Mammiesboy4 Wed 14-Aug-19 13:40:22

thank you doesnt look like there is much on in sunderland

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