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Almost feel like giving up!!!

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Dingle Wed 19-Jan-05 13:44:16

Had an awful morning! We went to our 2nd group salt session and DD was a nightmare, just had no interest in sitting down and waiting her turn to do the activities. There just didn't seem to be enough to keep her occupied, she did her "bit" then wanted to play rather than sit and watch! Someone mentioned the possibility of dd being hyperactive and I just burts into tears!
Today of all days, my mum is up at King's College Hospital waiting for a kidney biopsy, and now they can't do it because her BP is too high. It looks likely that she will end up on dialysis again!
Why does it always hit you when you are already down?
Sorry, rant over, just needed to get it off my chest, ready for the next battle to commence!

mum38 Wed 19-Jan-05 13:53:30

Sorry for your morning Dingle -((hugs)) from me.

If any consolation, my ds was like your dd at his first group salts too. I remember clinging onto him while it was everyone elses turn as he wanted to go off and play. But (from what I've been told by various salts) taking turns is part of language development and needs time to develop too. She'll get there!!

Hope your mums bp comes down soon.

heartinthecountry Wed 19-Jan-05 14:24:36

Hugs Dingle. It really does sound to me that your dd's behaviour is probably totally totally normal not hyperactive. How many NT kids of her age would sit there and wait their turn if their attention is not being held? Don't let the 'hyperactive' comment upset you please. If the salt group is anything like the one I went to (i.e less than dynamic) then it is the fault of the group leaders not your dd.

Don't really know what to say about your mum. Just hope things get easier for her (and you)soon.

JaysMum Wed 19-Jan-05 17:45:11

BIG HUGS Dingle......

Hope thigs settle down with your Mom.

Thinking of you....xxxx

meea Wed 19-Jan-05 18:01:53

Big hugs Dingle

I hope things improve with your mum .

As for the hyperactive comment I certainly wouldn't let it upset you.I am sure ds2 wouldn't sit and wait while attention was else where.To be honest he won't normally sit still when he gets 1-1 salt

Merlot Wed 19-Jan-05 18:52:01

Hope tomorrow is a better day Dingle

Sorry to hear about your mum - lots of love for you both

Blossomhill Wed 19-Jan-05 20:19:46

Oh Dingle I know how you feel. Dd was a nightmare at that age and I often walked out of places in tears too! Things do get easier as they get older and understand more. Lots of 3 yr olds find it hard to sit and concentrate at that age though. My ds (nt) was a nightmare, wouldn't sit or concentrate for any period of time at all and was a cause for concern at pre-school. Now at 7 he is as quiet as a mouse and sits really well and concentrates too!
Dd is another matter.... lol Concentrates when she feels like it but it's all part of her special needs!!! Again have to say she has come on so much with her concentration and attention span.
I really hope everything is okay with your mum Dingle. Love and hugs (((((Blossomhillxxx)))))

eidsvold Wed 19-Jan-05 22:17:11

sorry to hear about your mum

as for dd - she sounds perfectly normal - what child would sit nicely and wait if they were not being occupied or stimulated. I know dd would rather play than sit and watch .... and she can be nightmare even with just one on one salt if she is not in the mood. I am sure it will get better... as you said this is just her second time - no doubt she will get used to the routine and you will have better sessions.

coppertop Wed 19-Jan-05 22:25:26

Hope your mum's BP drops soon. I agree with everyone else. DD not wanting to sit still and wait sounds perfectly normal to me.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for the Dingle family. xxx

ThomCat Thu 20-Jan-05 10:27:33

Oh dingle sweetheart, sorry you feel this way. Bit let me be another mum to reassure you that this is normal behaviour.

At home Lottie does her sound cards and chats away, some babbling, some real words and stuff, no worries.

Get her to an appt, she won't say a word, won't sit round the table, won't co-operate at all.
When the SALT wasn't giving up Lottie put the card in her mouth and leaned over and dropped it in front of her!

She tries to get down fromt he table the whole time she's there and doesn't really say a word or do anything she is supposed to!

She's the worst there. All the other kids ar much more placid, Lottie is the bu=iggest monkey.

As soon as we're out of there, she's back to normal again, (which is still being a monkey but a talkative one!)

ATIP FOR YOU, might work it might not. I found Lottie would cooperate moe when we took her favourite small rag doll or snoppy or someone along. When she wouldn't match the picture to the word, or find the picture of the lady sleeping etc we'd ask her if her doll Lilly or if snoppy knew where the oicture was etc, and it worked and is working.

The teachers have also scrapped the tables and everyone sits on the floor for parts of the sesion now which suits all the kids more.


Good luck and don't let this get to you. hyperactive my arse mate. just a normal little girl. It's all going in even if is doesn't appear that way. Chin up kid, it's all okay, okay?

TC xx

ThomCat Thu 20-Jan-05 10:28:18

Oh so sorry, meant to say sorry about you mum sweetheart, hope that's all okay soon.

aloha Thu 20-Jan-05 10:33:04

My son - NT and most definitely not hyperactive (hypoactive if anything - refuses to sit nicely and quietly like the other kids for circle time type activities at the nursery he has just started going to for two mornings a week. Frankly, I don't blame him - it's boring! Wanting to play is not just normal in a small child - it's a really, really good sign! It's how they learn things and an impulse that's hard to resist.

Dingle Thu 20-Jan-05 13:34:28

Thanks for the reassurance ladies! Had a word with the keyworkers at SN nursery this morning. I caused a few raised eyebrows! I explained how the session progressed and how dd behaved, and they smiled, a knowing smile!
They really don't feel that it is an issue and commented on what a confident, happy, little girl she was and how determined she is in her own mind.I know I am my own worst enemy, I am always so quick in thinking that I have missed something, not done something, should hve been doing this or that...
I know I have certain behavioural issues with her at times, such as leaving to go home- she can sometimes put up such a fight, not want her coat on and refuse to walk. With my ds, I would just say "OK-bye", turned round and walked away knowing that he would be up and running behind me! That just doesn't work with dd, she would be up and running in the opposite direction with a grin from ear to ear! But isn't that what many 3 yr olds would do to get a bit of attention?

Anyway, it seems that my constant battle for SALT have paid off, and hopefully something will get sorted soon.

I have also won my fight to get a home visiting teacher- we at long last have an appointment next week. I will pick her brains about the lack of statementing any child who is wanting to attend mainstream education! It seems riddiculous to me and will be forcing children into SN settings.

Lots of loose ends still to tie up, but at least I'm very good at knitting! Will have to apply that to our battles!

As for my mum, still don't know much, they may do biopsy today, or they might put her straight back onto dialysis, even if it's only for a couple of treatments! She is going to have to inject herself on a regular basis, and was very brave yesterday and managed for the first time [urghhh emoticon!]I suppose you do whatever you need to do in that situation.

Once again, thank you for being there for me.

Hugs to you all. Dingle.xx

FineFigureFio Thu 20-Jan-05 17:52:10

Sorry Dingle I missed this Hope your mum is better soon and her BP comes down. it must be really worrying for you.

As for your dd, dont worry about her sitting, most kids wander off. i know its stressfukl though for you. FWIW I didnt think she was hyperactive she seems like a normal three year old to me, nothing different!

JakB Thu 20-Jan-05 19:13:00

Oh Dingle, why does life happen like this? So sorry you're having such a crap time. And sorry I've missed this thread. I hope your mum gets better soon. As for 'hyperactivity', I know plenty of NT 3-year-olds who wouldn't sit down. Whoever brought up 'hyperactive' is totally out of order. At my DD's speech therapy sessions she literally span around the room causing chaos with the SALT chasing round after her!!!! This went on for weeks until they finally found a way in (funny noises) but even with them standing on their head, virtually, DD was so spinny an untrained eye would think nothing was going on (we would celebrate every fleeting bit of eye contact etc...)

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