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So proud of dd1

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eidsvold Sat 15-Jan-05 05:12:23

Two days dd1 has made me extra proud of her ...

yesterday we had to go to the state university for her to participate in a study of empathy in children with special needs... she participated very well and even when she was getting very tired instead of getting ratty ( as she does) she was much calmer. She listened to the woman doing the study and she was sooo well behaved. Made me so proud watching her.

Today we went to get some professional photos ( professional not the word for the CRAP service we got - another thread)

SHe sat nicely and let dh put her into the poses the woman asked and the ones she took of dd1 by herself - if they are as good as they looked - she looked so gorgeous and grown up - I almost cried. No2 looked fab too - she has lost that red wrinkly newborn look and is all chubby and white and scrumptious!!

But dd1 outdid herself..... ( having said that) she has just thrown the biggest wobbler as she does not want her afternoon nap even though she is clearly exhausted...

Aaahhhhhhh kids

GRMUM Sat 15-Jan-05 06:23:24

Sometimes you feel like you could burst with 'proudness' don't you? I'm sure the photos will be beautiful!

Blossomhill Sat 15-Jan-05 08:08:53

Ah bless dd Eidsvold

JakB Sat 15-Jan-05 08:32:19

aaaahahhhhh! Warms the heart, eidsvold

Merlot Sat 15-Jan-05 10:20:35

What a sweetie (tantrum `n all!) . Hope its going well with the new baby - sounds like you're really enjoying your family

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