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Help, i have just rang social services

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FineFigureFio Fri 14-Jan-05 12:41:07

and hadnt really planned what to say beforehand and they are ringing me back in a bit with someone more senoir. My daughters teacher told me to lay it on thick. What do i say?

essbee Fri 14-Jan-05 13:09:56

Message withdrawn

gothicmama Fri 14-Jan-05 13:10:31

be honest think what the problem is or if more than one orioritise them

heartinthecountry Fri 14-Jan-05 13:16:35

Fio - tell them you would like them to assess your needs as you have a daughter with SN and feel you need more support.

They will probably then send someone out to you who will ask you a few questions. Not as scary as it sounds. That is when you need to lay it on thick though. They will ask about how much family help you get etc (which I know is none in your case so you won't need to exaggerate).

Assuming you are hoping to get direct payments for respite out of it?

Dingle Fri 14-Jan-05 13:19:37

No experience Fio, but good luck with it![wink}

FineFigureFio Fri 14-Jan-05 14:51:01

sorry should have explained further its for respite/playscheme. Apparently they do a playscheme in Easter and Sumer holidays and she would qualify because she goes to the special school. Am cacking it tbh, my house is a tip, what if they turn up unannounced?!

Dont think there is anything else I can ask for really?

The reason i wanted to get in touch with them was for emergency foster care aswell, because if anything happened to me or dh or an emergency called we have NO_ONE AT ALL to help, does this sound okay? can I ask for this?

HITC, I will reply to your e-mail, i am just so bloody slow

Merlot Fri 14-Jan-05 14:54:00

Good luck Fio . Your house being in a tip might help

FineFigureFio Fri 14-Jan-05 19:06:44

they still havent rang back

now I am worrying they are just going to turn up oin the doorstep..

amynnixmum Fri 14-Jan-05 19:10:18

I'm sure they'll ring you and make an appointment befor coming round. Agree with Merlot that the house being a mess may help your case. Good luck.

FineFigureFio Tue 18-Jan-05 09:48:55


FineFigureFio Tue 18-Jan-05 09:54:42

honestly what stupid stupid stupid questions do they ask??!! I have now got a referal to the childrens disability team....aaarrrgghh

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