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summer au pair with SN experience

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drowninginlaundry Sun 11-May-08 20:34:05

We were going to invite this Finnish girl to be our au pair for the summer but changed our minds (no space etc). I found her through my sister who is a SN teacher in Finland. She (the au pair candidate) is 22, has worked as a teaching assistant in a special school for six months so was completely unphased about looking after a boy with ASD, is studying to be a primary school teacher (year 2 into a 5 year degree), I interviewed her on the phone and she sounded great, is looking for an au pair gig in England for 3 months appr, she is available now.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll pass on her details. You can e-mail me at

laundryfairy at

Broccoli Sun 18-May-08 20:37:25

Yes I'm interested - will be moving back to UK from Middle East where help is practically compulsory, so reckon I need some kind of help to tide me over! What kind of money were you offering her, and what sort of hours of work?? We will be moving to Bedford at the beginning of July and going to Jersey for the whole of August so she'd have to be pretty flexible - also I ought to mention I have 5 kids! Youngest is 3, oldest is 10....

stressed2007 Wed 16-Jul-08 11:19:13

drowninginlaundry your email address is not recognized!Is it correct?

drowninginlaundry Wed 16-Jul-08 14:48:35

huh? it should be correct and I just tested so works fine...
if it's re: au pair - she got herself a summer job and is starting uni year again in Sept.

I can see if there's more, my sister can always post an ad

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