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Please send me your positive vibes for tomorrow, dd sees CAMHS

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jenk1 Mon 05-May-08 10:54:05

18 moths ago after the asessment at the CDC they said she was displaying signs of an ASD, last year they gave a dx then retracted it 2 days later, its now 7 months down the line and dd finally sees the consultant psychiatrist at CAMHS tomorrow.

This is the same consultant who wouldnt dx DS 2 years ago, we wrote to her asking for a copy of the ADOS video/notes and she backtracked immediately and dx,d him with PDD.

so i am understandbly very nervous, DH isnt he says he doesnt think she,ll try and walk over us again.

BUT we have had a private asessment done of dd last month which conclusion is PDD/NOS. now the private psych has told us to give her a copy of his asessment and be upfront with her, THATS the bit thats getting me extremely nervous cos these consultants dont like private psychs do they, im unsure of what to do about that tbh.

Tclanger Mon 05-May-08 13:52:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ancientmiddleagedmum Mon 05-May-08 13:53:10

Jenk, it is your right to seek an alternative opinion via a private diagnosis - this is not a police state and you are free to do what's best for your child, so don't worry about that. I am sending you vibes for a positive outcome - from my days in PR, I always find that a mix of friendly, non-confrontational manner, with firm very definite words works very well. So what you say is quite aggressive/firm but how you say it is very friendly and open. It always makes it difficult for people to react badly. Good luck!

wemsey Mon 09-Feb-09 11:14:29


could you please tell me who we need to contact regarding a prive psych?


amber32002 Mon 09-Feb-09 11:20:38

The National Autistic Society has a list of private diagnostic people for ASDs, and you may be able to track others down through other charities?

magso Mon 09-Feb-09 11:29:41

Hope things go well tommorrow, Jenk.

BriocheDoree Mon 09-Feb-09 12:35:43

Jenk, <<<<<hugs>>>>>> and good vibes!

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