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DLA forms....advice please...

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JaysMum Tue 11-Jan-05 09:27:25

I have now finally completed the DLA forms and am not sure if I should enclose copies of the independent reports from the EP and SALT that we have seen. Also should I send a copy of the BIBIC assessment report that we had done?
All these reports confirm what I have written that J is not aware of danger and needs 24 hour supervision because of his AS.
What do you think?

misdee Tue 11-Jan-05 09:27:56

yeah, i would.

coppertop Tue 11-Jan-05 09:44:21

I would. It all counts as evidence. The more evidence you can send, the more likely you are to get DLA/get it renewed. In theory anyway!

JakB Tue 11-Jan-05 11:39:26

Yeah, definitely.

bambi06 Fri 14-Jan-05 18:29:28

yes but dont forget to photocopy everything..they lost everything of mine and now i`m waiting to see if it can all be backdated!!! they sent me a really wierd form back asking questions like `how do i remember when i sent the form?` who did i speak to when i called to check about my form when i hadnt heard for a while and in what office were they in? PLEASE KEEP A RECORD OF EVERYTHING AND EVEN GET IT SENT RECORDED.. i`ve learnt from my mistakes!!!!

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