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Urgent help needed dairy free diet

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meea Mon 10-Jan-05 19:42:02

Ds2 has been having disgusting nappies 6-7 times a day for the last 3 months any way after tests it was decided on Friday that he is allergic to cows milk.Dr sent us off with a prescription for wysoy formula .Help he won't drink it poor child has never drank formula in his live and this stuff tastes disgusting.
The poor thing has hardly eaten or drunk anything all weekend he also hasn't had his melatonin as he usually has it in a yogurt and I havn't been able to find any other way of giving it to him. Everything he wants he cant have .
Does any one have any recipes.
No idea what I am going to put in his lunch box for nursery tomorrow.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 10-Jan-05 19:44:40

Does he normally have breastmilk? If so, you can carry on with that for his milk, can't you?

One of our friends has a severe dairy allergy, it's not that hard to work around, you just need to think about what you're doing. Most non-European food is non-dairy.

They do make soy yogurt, which is quite popular.

You'll probably have better luck with help in the Allergies forum ...

meea Mon 10-Jan-05 19:51:56

Up until 3 months ago he was mainly breastfed but he is 3 in April and I have had enough .We have tried soya yogurt infact it is all over the carpet where he spat it.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 10-Jan-05 20:03:56

Ah, hadn't realised he was so old. At three, he could have soy milk, rice milk, almond milk and so on - he doesn't need formula, any more than a child who drinks cow's milk does!

You can get all these from the health food store, some of them you can even get from normal shops.

I'd take a trip to your local health food store, and look into non-European food. There are lots of non-dairy foods. There are lots of non-dairy biscuits etc.

It's probably worth trying to find out what exactly your son is allergic to - is it cow's milk proteins (which is normal for an allergy, but normally gives hives etc) or is it lactose (which is really more of a milk intolerance)? It makes a difference for whether he can tolerate any dairy at all, and which parts of milk are likely to cause more problems.

JaysMum Mon 10-Jan-05 20:31:53

Both my boys are Lactose being Lactose Sugar Intollerant the other Lactose Protein Intollerant.....
Alpro do a soya yoghurt called Yofu which is just like "normal" yoghurts in taste, texture etc...infact my hubby prefers them to his normal Ski yoghurts anyday.
Wysoy is the is so yuck...our cat woulnt even drink it!!!!
You could try Rice Milk...its sweeter than soya milk and my kids love it.
sainsbury's do a great range of dairy free biscuits, cakes etc...expensive but then isnt everything thats healthier!!!
Alpro Soya is the only soya milk that is GM free..but you have to watch how much soya you use in the diet because of hormone problems!!!
I have spent the last 9 years perfecting our dairy free oldest was 2 when he was dx with his if you want any help, you can CAT me and I will help you where I can.

Good took me about 12 months to wean ds1 off his dairy diet. Don't push it too much to start...he's had bad nappies for a while, so a couple of months extra weaning him gradually onto dairy free products wont harm him. It works a lot easier and also saves you the heartache of cleaning yoghurt off the floor!!!!

pixiefish Mon 10-Jan-05 20:39:01

me and dd are dairy free. she's 11 months and breastfed. there's lots of food he can have but also loads he can't. the co-op have a list of foods on their website. tesco will send you a list. co-op jaffa cakes ok for eg. what sort of food do you want

JakB Tue 11-Jan-05 09:04:47

meea, DD is dairy free. She drinks Alpro sweetened Soya milk. I'm not doing Casein free so she has goat's cheese which has been a bit of a revelation (has it with avocado or tomato on toast etc and loves it). PURE do a great margarine that is very palatable and makes mashed potato etc taste OK. Peanut butter is another favourite- tasty but dairy free. Doves Farm do dairy free Lemon biscuits which DD loves. I make lots of risottos, pasta sauces etc and Sainsburys to very palatable dairy and gluten free fish fingers. I give DD her melatonin in milk and it seems to be effective. I just give her half a bottle to ensure she gets it. HTH

beccaboo Tue 11-Jan-05 11:40:51

Meea, my ds is also 3 and on a dairy-free diet (also gluten-free). We use Asda's organic soya milk or Alpro unsweetened, he seems to like it OK. Have you seen the soya milkshakes you can buy, maybe you could put his melatonin in that? They're called 'Oy' I think, and come in various flavours, they're usually next to the long life milk/soya milk etc in the supermarket.

We have the Alpro Yofu soya yoghurts too, you can also buy Junior Yofu (the ones with a picture of a teddy) - they don't have any fruit bits in them. Alpro also do long-life soya desserts that come in four packs like yoghurts. We use the Pure marg too, you can use it in any cake recipes etc in place of butter.

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