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DD has assessment for Major buggy tomorrow!!

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Dingle Mon 10-Jan-05 17:11:54

I am getting really stressed out about it. Firstly I will have to take her out of nursery early to make it to the hospital on time. It's meant to be her first week with 3 sessions and not only am I taking her out early tomorrow, she will be off the next 5 Wednesdays for SALT!
Secondly, I'm not sure about parking, it's away from the main hospital and CDC. I asked about parking and she said, "oh no problem, there's disabled parking in front of the Disablement Centre!" well that's hunky dory for those who have got a blue badge. I explained this, and she suggested that I go in, get a parking permit and put it in the car. Sounding really ungrateful but in RL it's just not that easy with DD in tow. I feel it's going to be such a rush.
I was apprehensive about it beforehand but it's been made even worse today. The physio popped in to DD's SN nursey this morning to see another child and had a quick look at dd while she was there. Anyway the Physio rang me later & said she was very please with the progress dd has made with her AFO's.I should be really pleased,but,,,

she seemed really negative about dd getting a major, and went on about using vital resources when they weren't needed!!!
I kept my calm and tried to explain that although dd is walking better, to expect her to do 4 trips to/from school on some days was just NOT possible without the use of a buggy. I tried to stress that I was not dealing with a 3 yr old who "just" had hyperextended knees, I was dealing with a child with DS and had to deal with a whole host of other issues on a daily basis.
Now I'm feeling like a really useless mum, as if I just bung her in the buggy with no thought or effort.
Sorry rather long, rambling post!

FatFluckerFio Mon 10-Jan-05 17:16:08

aww Dingle {{{hugs}}}}

we were told dd might not get a major, then they said they hadnt got enough budget to give her one, but we did within maybe a week or two of assessment get one. I dont know what they are talking about tbh as my friend who's son has ds had no problem getting a major.

Good Luck on your journey and i hope you get your parking space close to the building. have you applied for a blue badge yet?

Do lay it on thick with the wheelchair people. Our major buggy is so useful.

Now, get on the Faversham meet-up thread woman

JakB Mon 10-Jan-05 19:25:25

Blimey, what a supportive Physio! (not!). Yeah, lay it on thick with the buggy. They are brilliant and your DD deserves one. It's her right [grin[

meea Mon 10-Jan-05 19:30:14

Dingle you are not a useless mum and the comments made by your physio were exactly the same as ds2's physio and ot said to us.We never even got as far as an assesment so keeping my fingers crossed for you.
I couldn't cope with out ds2's major he is that heavy I am struggling to pick him up never mind carry him.
The whole funding resources really winds me up because although they wouldn't provide him with a major they have taken the one we bought in today to adapt it so that it is suitable for him.
I am sure it will be fine and I wouldn't worry about nursery .

Blossomhill Mon 10-Jan-05 19:39:57

Dingle I am so on your behalf!!!!
Who would request a major buggy for there child unless they absolutely needed it? I cannot believe the planet some people on! The major buggy would be so helpful and dd would be so much more comfortable than cramped in a small average buggy.
You obviously care so much about dd and sound like a lovely mum!!!!
Hugs to you Dingle ((((Blossomhillxxx))))

Dingle Mon 10-Jan-05 22:57:29

Thanks girls! Tried to get on with some cardmaking this evening to switch off from it all, but the niggling worry is still there in the back of my mind!
I know dd's walking is getting better, I hope that she won't need to use a buggy or her AFO's long term, but to get through our daily routine-day after day after day-I cannot see my way through without using a buggy. It really came accross as if I should be walking everywhere with dd to build up her endurance!! FFS-what planet do these people live on. I tried to explain that without it, I really feel it would effect not just dd, but the whole of the family.
I would never take the kiddies anywhere- and that would do dd's social integration the world of good, would it!
It doesn't matter if we get turned down- I hope it doesn't happen but there is no way I 'm giving up without a fight if that's what's needed.

Cadbury Mon 10-Jan-05 23:04:48

Hi Dingle. Just seen this. Don't really know what to say in encouragement so I'll just send you a hug and let you know that there is a fresh batch of brownies at my house. Feel free to pop in. Might you be up for a coffee next week? Monday morning perhaps?

Dingle Mon 10-Jan-05 23:08:33

Hi cadders! Have just been lurking on the meet-up thread to see what's happening!
Yes, I'd love a coffee, next Monday would be great. I can do from about 9.45-11.20 ish between dd's nursery times! Is that any good?

Cadbury Tue 11-Jan-05 08:56:00

Dingle. Monday sounds good. Would you like to come to my place or shall we meet in the village?

Cadbury Tue 11-Jan-05 08:56:21

Hope all goes well today

JakB Tue 11-Jan-05 08:57:52

Good luck!

Dingle Tue 11-Jan-05 10:19:39

Got my fighting head on ladies!! Started making up a few notes about the problems I encounter and issues that relate to Down Syndrome.
Only started on the sensory issues as I thought that one would be easy. I had a quick look in one of my books and I have started writing an essay!
I gave up in the end, I thought- I wasn't going to rush it but even if today does go well I haven't done to mobility forms for DLA yet so I will use the info for them.
I'm not asking for much, am I? I want my little girl to do well and I need to encourage that by allowing her the opportunities. But sometimes I feel releuctant to take her out because I know something a stupid as the parking, and getting her to and from the car can be an absolute nightmare- she is just too heavy for me to carry now.
Right enough of the rambling! Let get ready to rumble....

Dingle Tue 11-Jan-05 15:00:15

Well there was me all ready for a fight and the worst thing was the 45 minute wait in the waiting room, when I was TOLD, that they would not/could not run late.
The appointment was with a lovely man, and could not have gone any better, he didn't even "assess" dd's walking. I suppose he could see what a handful she could be when she kept on sit on his seat and giggling at him, taking the pen from his shirt pocket, climbed up onto a filing pedestal and was "talking" on his phone....shall I go on.
We have a BRAND NEW Major being delivered in a few weeks!
He has given me a few other numbers to contact and seemed disgusted that we were not getting any OT advice, educational advice,etc.
And to top it all,,,it even fits in the boot of my car!!
WWWoooo wooo wooo as dd would say!!!

Cadbury Tue 11-Jan-05 15:21:31


That's fab news Dingle.

JakB Tue 11-Jan-05 15:38:27

That is such fantastic news, Dingle...

Dingle Tue 11-Jan-05 15:49:47

he he,,,might even start to tackle the mobility DLA now, while I've still got my fiery head" on!!!

JakB Tue 11-Jan-05 15:58:11

Go for it Dingle! I think having a Major helps. Have you got a blue badge yet? Sorry, have we already discussed this? Just thinking when you said it's very difficult to carry her to the car- it is for me with DD and if I didn't have a blue badge it would be a total mare.

FineFigureFio Tue 11-Jan-05 16:03:48

excellent news Dingle xxxxxxxxxx

Dingle Tue 11-Jan-05 16:21:45

No JakB, the woman at the council said that they wouldn't issue her with one unless she was getting DLA mobility because at 3, she has no more issues than any other 3 yr old!!!!
If only some of these people would swap shoes for a couple of hours!! I bet they would issue the bloody badge then!!

maddiemo Tue 11-Jan-05 16:31:59

Glad dd will get her buggy and that the appointment went so well for you.

JakB Tue 11-Jan-05 16:54:56

Sorry, Dingle, I seem to have returned to mumsnet in 2005 having wiped out memories of old threads! Well, that is bloody outrageous. I know when I filled in DD's mobility that the fact she head a Major buggy was a major (ha!) plus in our argument. Good luck with it all...

Dingle Tue 11-Jan-05 22:32:09

No problem JakB, I appear to have lost quite a few of my brain cells over the xmas period too!!

I also seem to have lost the ability to type!I keep on making so many mistakes-perhaps I am due an early night tonight ready for my next challenge of the week tomorrow morning-SALT.

YES[GRIN]YES-I said SALT, only been pestering them for 3 years, and I have a block of 5, weekly,
hour sessions. Probably get there to find there are 50 kids in the group!

JaysMum Tue 11-Jan-05 22:43:59

So gald you got the buggy sorted.....go for the DLA now....strike while the irons hot!!!

Merlot Tue 11-Jan-05 23:00:57

Oh well done Dingle, excellent news

Dingle Tue 18-Jan-05 12:17:47

Have any of you Major users got any advice please??

Is it worth buying the hood and raincover! I think it works out about £50. DD has a tendancy to pull her raincover off anyway and I do think that she must feel rather excluded. I was thinking about getting some sort of waterproof clothing instead, but would the buggy seat get too wet? Any feedback please!
Also I know you can get the chest pad thing, it might be worth it seeing as my little houdini worms her way out of anything going! has anyone used one!

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