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BagLady75 Mon 28-Apr-08 16:59:08

Has anyone here done a program at the Lindamood Bell centre in west London? We are considering this for our 7yr old son with HFA. Any insights appreciated!

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Davros Mon 28-Apr-08 19:53:01

I have heard of it but can't say more than that! I have a friend whose HFA/AS son did Kumon and Earobics (and the higher version that I can't remember) with some success. But if you have a centre to go to, sounds like a better set up.

BagLady75 Wed 30-Apr-08 20:04:11

Thanks Davros - have not heard of Earobics but I will check it out.

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iwearflairs Fri 02-May-08 20:42:52

Baglady - I have heard of this and even been to an open evening. I went because I spoke to two mothers of kids with ASD who raved about it - said the people seemed to know their kids inside out and had massively helped their confidence. My DS is only just 4 and there is an assessment process which I was a bit wary of and felt that there was plenty of time if we wanted to change our minds. I'm not convinced that he needs it because he reads well and I don't actually think there is a problem with his comprehension,i.e. hyperlexia. But we might do it. It is FIENDISHLY expensive, another off-putting factor, but they do have terrific results. It takes 6-8 weeks, quite intensive. I'm not sure about this, but I think the assessment is free. They are also recommended in Stanley Greenspan's book The Child With Special Needs. The basic idea is that they use the stronger part of a child's learning style, i.e. visual or auditory to get them to use the rest of the language part of the brain so that it is a whole process. Sorry, this is woolly but they could explain it to you better, obviously.

BagLady75 Sun 04-May-08 08:44:58

Thanks so much iwearflairs. I also went to an open evening and have even done the assessment (NOT free - actually £400 to hear stuff we already knew - which I was less than thrilled about). The program sounds really interesting for my DS who very much has the hyperlexic profile, with below average reading comprehension. My issue has been that I have not yet been able to find and speak to a single parent who really does rave about it. I'm being very forward, but do you think there is a chance that the mothers you have spoken to might be willing to talk to me?

Up until now we have tried a lot of therapies on a "let's see" basis but given the incredible time and money commitment this entails, we need to be absolutely convinced this will make a difference...

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Sinny78 Mon 18-Mar-13 12:57:18

Hi BagLady75, not sure you will see this however I really need to get some feedback from you re Lindamood Bell. I have a 7yr old hyperlexic girl and we are really considering sending her to LMB in London this summer. Was wondering if you would be happy to give us your insight. Our main concern is the great commitment both logistically and financially since we live in Malta and would have to leave everything behind for this!

nupurkumarika Mon 18-Mar-13 14:00:03

lindamood bell program is really really good

Sinny78 Tue 19-Mar-13 08:03:02

Thanks a lot for your feedback nupurkamirka... Would you mind sharing your experience with us.

blueShark Tue 19-Mar-13 08:38:32

what is the cost for the programme and how long does it take? Is it few hours a day or full day?

Its so close to me and yet I never heard about it....

Sinny78 Fri 22-Mar-13 07:57:40

good morning blueShark... The cost is quite high and the therapy is very intestive. They charge stg110 an hour with a 4hourly session 5days a week.
From the research I have made there seems to be a high level of success rate. Please do let me know should you hear anything about it. Thks smile

blueShark Fri 19-Apr-13 14:28:32

Hi Sinny - just seen this and I only just pm'd you a minute ago
<very embarrassed I dont follow on my posts here>

capodasello Sat 24-May-14 09:41:45

Hi. My boy is 7 years old and has mild issues communicating clearly in English (both grammar and phonics are slightly muddled). We are not native speakers (although we speak in English at home) and we moved here 5 years ago when he was 2. He reads proficiently, writes very well, and has no ASD condition. His teacher suggested that Lindamood-Bell might be helpful in improving his fluency and confidence (the fact that other kids struggle to understand him does make him hold back and isolate). Reading the reviews here, it seems a very expensive program and tailored for kids with more severe conditions: anybody can help me assess whether this is for us? Many thanks

HappydaysFundaysMum Fri 20-Jun-14 09:44:00

Hi Capodasello, We are about to pay for a 6 week session. I've chatted with a couple of mothers whose children have come on in leaps and bounds, one child highly dyslexic and dyspraxic is now top of the year class in reading, writing and comprehension.... plus he moved school after the course which seemed to be a positive thing + the other child, calls it a magic school and is confident and able to conquer all that was challenging before and is in advance of his class.
Hope this helps.

Drenchild Fri 27-Jun-14 21:34:21

Hi, I am thinking of sending my child to Lindamood Bell centre and was wondering if you could connect me to the parents that you had managed to chat too. Thanks

Drenchild Fri 27-Jun-14 21:36:14

Hi HappydaysFundaysMum and all, my previous message was for HappydaysFundaysmum but however I would love to any mum who have sent their child to the centre. Thanks

Clarey66 Sat 15-Aug-15 18:07:42

HappydaysFundaysMum How did your son get on with the 6 week course was it worth it

Maviv Fri 16-Jun-17 10:52:19

Hi everyone,
My child is doing the Linda MB program first week so far, I will let you know how it will go.

Ruggles Sat 17-Jun-17 12:53:24

Hi Maviv
thanks for your post. We are doing it this summer, so will really interested to hear how you get on and any top tips! How old is you DC?

Iffiyas Wed 10-Mar-21 19:21:39

@HappydaysFundaysMum Hello,

I was wondering if you could give me any advice about Lindamoonbell? DD is dyspraxic and it’s recommended highly to us. We can use our savings and book her in but I’m struggling to find parents who have good experiences. Thank you

BlankTimes Wed 17-Mar-21 22:17:14


Iffiyas just wondering if you realised

HappydaysFundaysMum posted on Fri 20-Jun-14 09:44:00 that's seven years ago, very few people keep the same username that long.

This thread spans from 2008 and the post before yours was written in 2017.

Was there not a warning on the thread before you posted to say it was an old one?

Perhaps start a new thread of your own rather than resurrecting this one?

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