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tsunami aid for children with sn's

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eidsvold Fri 07-Jan-05 21:29:12

I was directed to this site - it is an organisation that works specifically with children who have special needs throughout the world. From what I could learn - they had an orphange that was affected by the tsunami - only 41 out of approx 100 children survived....story here


Davros Sat 08-Jan-05 09:34:36

I would just say be VERY careful about these sort of sites/appeals. I heard something the other day about a lot of fake ones being set up and people being sent direct emails askikng for money which wouldn't be done usually by legitimate charities. I saw a whole thing about an organisation looking specifically for familes with autistic children to target your money to BUT I think much more safe to donate to

eidsvold Sat 08-Jan-05 10:30:12

I was not sent an email - it was another sn mum who is familiar with the parent organisation -

It is an aussie based international charity iykwim.

We have heard about that too here Davros - some people even putting logos etc on their website to make it more authentic.

Davros Sat 08-Jan-05 11:45:37

Fair enough Eidsvold. I suspect this autism one is genuine too but I somehow don't feel comfortable about choosing to give to one section of society, even though its the one closest to my heart. It doesn't make sense, in theory I'd rather give to people affected by autism.

The Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka are appealing to the International Community to help the people of the island who have been devastated by the tsunami. They are highlighting urgent needs of Sri Lankans in this time of crisis.

i-Newswire, 2005-01-02 - The tsunami has devastated Sri Lanka - also affected are Sri Lankans with disabilities.

Ten of thousands of Sri Lankans have died and thousands more will die through disease - Sri Lanka urgently needs doctors and medicine from overseas to cope with outbreaks of typhoid, dysentery, cholera.
The Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka are not collecting money ourselves but we are working with partners all over the world to reach out to all Sri Lankans including the disability community who have been affected so badly by this deadly tsunami which struck the island on the 26th of December 2004 and has caused so much devastation.
+ How you can help in London, full article here:
* * *

eidsvold Sat 08-Jan-05 21:16:59

you are right to be cautious though... sad that fraudsters would take advantage of such a terrible situation.... but that is life these days.

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