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cheeky dd1

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eidsvold Mon 03-Jan-05 11:48:20

sometimes it is hard to get cross at her when she is a little cheeky. Last night she really cracked dh and I up. She was sitting on dh's lap facing him playing games and singing songs. Dh then asked for a kiss ( she is doing big smackers at the moment!!) Well she stood up on the lounge chair and leaned in - only to slap dh;s cheeks and then laugh her head off. It was so hard to go mad at her even though we know she should not do it.... but hey gave us a giggle.

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 03-Jan-05 11:52:01

SantaFio2 Mon 03-Jan-05 11:55:38

LOL she sounds edible eidsvold

coppertop Mon 03-Jan-05 12:26:12

LOL! So he didn't get quite the "smacker" he'd asked for!

eidsvold Mon 03-Jan-05 22:32:59

not quite coppertop - I think what made it so funny was that she laughed immediately and seem to know she was playing a trick on her dad.

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