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I am HERE! I am ALIVE...... but that is IT!!!

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MrsFROSTgetful Sun 26-Dec-04 17:59:32

I have'nt read any threads....ifeel guilty for posting before i've read all your notes....but i have to 'download'

So far..... We ventured out on xmas day after a lovely morning and lunch alone....into the 'Interactive' world.

....and that was the end of our 'magical' christmas.

Tom was offered a new box of cocolates...and tiold to eat 'as many as he wanted' he ate the lot.
(labled greedy)

He was told he could play the Playstion and have it as load as he he did- and was labled 'selfish to others taliking in the room....'

my sisterinlaw said
"can i tell you something Tom" ....he replied "NO"......and then in response to probing 'why?'...he said she had 'Dog Breath' after appologising to all around constantly ....we went home to 'discuss' this further!!!! He explained the 'dog Breath' was cos she smelt of beer/alcohol....ofcourse he is hyper-sensitive to smell....

That was with my the Mafia/inlaws house it was 'almost funny'..... i had spent ages preparing the boys to go out the house ....with their Gameboys in my handbag.....a big achievement!. and i promised them that once we had all exchanged gifts and we'd all said thankyou and 'made the right noises' etc....a tricky feat as we know with our autistic people....then and ONLY then would i give out the gameboys....then again at my family's i said the same what happened!!!!????

TOM TOOK ME VERY LITERALLY..... so we walk in- we give presents to the various kids...... and then in the middle of his relatives handing out their gifts Tom marches out and says in full voice "Come on then- get on with it- WHERE's my presents. I want to play my gameboy"

Part of me feels responsible- as if i'd not 'mapped out' the expidition quite so well- them maybe that would not have happened....but yet again feel TRAPPED by Apsrger's.... do you plan changes - so you minimize the disruption....or do you 'just go with the flow' then have to deal with possible major meltdown????

So hope all of you who know mw are well- and those who don't...just be glad i'm not posting at the moment!!!!! (i do go on a bit!!!)

WE HAVE BROADBAND NOW! BUT i am 50:50 whether i like it- yes it's fast.....BUT now people can ring me when i am online!!!!

Loobie Sun 26-Dec-04 18:03:55

This is so funny and so asd,i just love Tom "where's my present i want to play my gameboy" made me laugh very loudly though bet it didnt you at the time.Our day went surprizingly well as alistair is usually climbing the walls but since starting the autism unit in august he seems to be taking things better,long may it continue.

cranberryjampot Sun 26-Dec-04 18:05:33

Mrs Frostgetful - your family sounds charming and at least Tom listens to you . I dont have experience of Aspergers or Autism but if people cant accept children with it and understand the personal quirks then you truly shouldn't have to apologise/feel responsible for it. It is one day where nothing is the same anyway - dont know about you but i dont get up at the crack of dawn and open presents many days in the year. So given this situation how can you possibly expect it to go smoothly.

coppertop Sun 26-Dec-04 18:11:18

Welcome back, MrsF! Our MN present to you is a thread about laminators, if you haven't already seen it.

It probably didn't seem funny but LOL at Literal Tom!

We too had one of those days when the good bits were brilliant and the not-so-good bits had a kind of dark comedy value to them.

Now that you've got broadband you've got no excuse for not keeping us updated. I miss your posts.

ladyhawk Mon 27-Dec-04 10:40:27

MrsF this post had me laughing especially the dog breath ..though i know that for you it wasnt funny but it is so typiacal of autism and is just like something my ds2 would say...i spend a lot of time explaining and apologising for him

Our christmas was full of highs and lows and today we are going to brave the shops as the three boys have got money for christmas and it is burning a hole in their pockets!!!!

So if i dont postlater you will all know that i am suffering from post traumatic shock...

Donbean Mon 27-Dec-04 11:20:58

With absolutely no experience (except for reading "the curious incident" book) It absolutely facinates me your postings.
I have 1 million questions racing around my head as i read of the adventures that your kids take you on!
I hope you dont think that i am referring to your postings as if you offer me entertainment because that realy realy is not what i mean.
I think that to me it sounds so complex and really it isnt as you explain so well.
Rambling now, just wanted to say keep posting with your great explanations, its an education as well as facinating, your kids are fab.x

DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Mon 27-Dec-04 14:47:47

hello mrsf! just a quick hi from us!

blossomgoodwill Tue 28-Dec-04 17:48:52

MrsFrostgetful - Hello - long time no see! Glad u r all okay xxx

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight Tue 28-Dec-04 20:10:11

Mrs glad you have finally posted...thought you'd gone into hibernation!!!!!

LOL at the "dog breath".....J told my next door neighbour her breath smelt like "hamsters poo"....I knew what he meant, but trying to explain to her he could smell the booze on her breath didn't convince her!!!!Have visions now that she'll be stocking up on mouthwash because she asked me the next day if her breath did smell!!!!!!!

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