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Is ds2 finally starting to 'get' pointing?

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coppertop Sun 26-Dec-04 13:35:17

Ds2 is now almost 23 months old and seems to be finally making some progress with pointing. He has been able to physically point for a few months now since I taught him how but hasn't had any understanding of what it's actually for. He still doesn't use words to let me know what he wants, even when it's something that he knows the word for IYSWIM. He doesn't yet point to what he wants either so it's still complete guesswork to find out what he wants or needs. However, over the last few weeks I've noticed that he will sometimes point at something he finds interesting and make an "uh!" noise. About one time in every ten or so he will actually turn to see if I'm looking at what he's interested in. He doesn't seem particularly bothered if I'm not looking and won't repeat the "uh!" or insist that I look at the object.

Is this wishful thinking on my part or does it sound as though ds2 might slowly be beginning to make a connection between pointing and showing?

Eulalia Sun 26-Dec-04 17:59:13

Sounds like it is, but in early stages... I am sure a lot of it is copying but it certainly looks promising

Socci Sun 26-Dec-04 19:58:49

Message withdrawn

Jimjambells Mon 27-Dec-04 04:31:10

sounds good to me. DS1 now points very well in response to "where's the.....?" or "show me....." and occasionally for things of interest (although still much prefers to use my hand to gesture with). Definitely sounds like progress to me.

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