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anniebear Sat 25-Dec-04 21:46:57

We had a good Christmas Day, hurrah!!!

Cooking dinner was a little stressful with them crying at the kitchen gate whilst I tried to cook!!

But we had a family get together this afternoon at my Sisters and they were brilliant, really proud of them both.

And to top it off we had quite a covering of snow (we hardly ever get any!!)

In face it was my Sisters 10yr old then did the moaning and crying!!!

Tomorrow to go yet!!

How did you all get on?

anniebear Sat 25-Dec-04 21:47:44


I meant........In fact (not in face!!!!)

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:48:13

Thats lovely anniebear, I'm really pleased for you

eidsvold Sat 25-Dec-04 22:44:47

glad to hear you had a great day

we had a great day albeit very hot one. dd1 spent ages in the paddling pool with her cousin. Both dd's were very spoilt - lovely clothes and lots of toys and books... dd1 also got three things to help her with her walking - walking toy, wooden wagon with blocks and a doll's pram ...... we don't want her to walk much

It was good to be back with family - first time we were all together in five years. Dh and dd1 enjoyed with first aussie christmases. Off to the beach tomorrow - having a quiet day today with just some friends for lunch. Dd1 woke up at 4.30am yesterday wanting to watch Hi5( not on until 6) had to explain it was dark and she had to go back to sleep - YEH RIGHT!! so she opened her stocking presents. She has really got the hang of opening presents now... rip rip wrapping paper!!

Hope you all had an enjoyable day....

coppertop Sun 26-Dec-04 13:45:12

Half of the day went really well. Ds1 was so excited that at one point he was physically shaking. He loved his own presents and also had his eye on several of ds2's.

Ds2 was given lots of toys that spin and/or light up so he was a happy little soul until he started to get tired. When ds2 gets tired he tends to go into an absolute rage. Lots of throwing things around, hurling himself to the ground and headbutting everyone and everything.

Ds1 has been jittery and 'wired' ever since school finished. I think it's something to do with not having his usual sensory integration programme at school. It's only at times like this that I realise just how much SI has done for him. He too got a bit carried away and had several meltdowns.

I'd planned ahead for this and set up a nice quiet enclosed area where they could retreat if it all got too much for them. The only problem was that they both wanted it at the same time and ds1 wasn't prepared to tolerate ds2 being there too!

It was one of those days that turns into a complete nightmare at times but still somehow managed to have a funny side to it.

As I'm typing this dh is busy trying to stop ds1 from attacking ds2. I think I may hide out here for just a little longer.

ladymuck Sun 26-Dec-04 13:52:38

Coppertop, Anniebear, it sounds as if you both had great days (or at least similar to those of us with NTs . I also had several periods trying to separate ds1 from ds2. Hope that you have a bit of time to yourself to be mellow and recover!

Eulalia Sun 26-Dec-04 18:51:15

anniebear - glad you had a good day

Our Christmas went well - snow and the kids were very good considerng we were at my parents 5 hours. They did go in the bath at one point and threatened to flood the bathroom. ds got a mixer and has been obsessed with it ever since. dd seemed to think every present was for her which caused a little bit of fighting.

I have felt better - got a horrible cold and m/s too but it has been coming and going and trying to eat as much as poss in between.

coppertop - looks like you need two quiet areas or maybe three, one for you too!

coppertop Sun 26-Dec-04 22:04:03

I did think about booting both boys out of the quiet corner (not literally though) and hiding in there myself with a large bottle of Baileys while they got on with their screaming.

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