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please help-Makaton

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jollymum Thu 23-Dec-04 08:29:22

I've been on the Makaton website and basically just need a book or whatever with loads of basic signs. i know quite a few but have been asked to go into school nursery, because I'm a snging person, to sing and sign with all the children, especially for a little boy that has Downs Syndrome. i read on the website, can't rememberwhich one, that you shouldn't just learn signs and expect to reproduce them to others, because there's a way of linking signs etc and it's like speaking another language, but am not sure how much of this is because you can buy the horendously expensive programmes they supply, but not just the book/tape whatever. I have seen teachers at the special school where i work just doing basic signs for the littlies such as toilet now, drink please etc and wonder how much of this is true/ do I need to learn the "grammar" side of it to teach three year olds, because obviously i want to be teaching them the right signs! any advice would be great. the child is non-verbal at the moment, but immensely bright and learns really quickly, so I want to be armed with lots of knowledge and signs when i go in January.

Davrosthesnowwoman Thu 23-Dec-04 09:51:50

No you don't need to learn grammar. Makaton is used to sign key words in a sentence, there is no grammar really, certainly not at the basic stage. I suggest you get the core vocab book and/or video OR the Dave Benson Phillips video which you can copy songs and their signs from.

eidsvold Thu 23-Dec-04 20:55:30

with our dd - who has down syndrome ( 2 and a bit years old) - we just bought the pocket books and set about using key words as Davros says.

jollymum Fri 24-Dec-04 07:47:39

sorry to sound thick, but are the pocket books on the website? thanks for the info btw.

eidsvold Fri 24-Dec-04 11:59:42

yes they are - think they cost about 15 quid for both of them... did get them ages ago. I think if you print out the list of resources they are mentioned there.

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