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Inserts hurting his feet

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meea Mon 20-Dec-04 13:25:44

Just got back from othotics had his first inserts fitted in his shoes.All the way home in the car he kept saying they were hurting .As soon as we got home he got dd2 to take his shoes off for him .Help how do I get him to wear them he is supposed to wear them for 2 hours at a time .

chatee Mon 20-Dec-04 13:40:55

what sorts of inserts meea?

meea Mon 20-Dec-04 13:51:34

They are to sraighten his feet and compensate for his flat feet which are rolling inwards.
I have just taken them out and they are very hard .

Santasluckylittlehelper Mon 20-Dec-04 13:58:09

meea - do they extend all the way down the shoe? They can make the shoes feel really tight if they do. And they are quite hard. What about starting with about 1O minutes every couple of hours until she's used to them.

SantaFio2 Mon 20-Dec-04 14:04:33

i usually put my dd in thick socks and try to limit her to say 2 hours one day and build up gradually

meea Mon 20-Dec-04 17:55:12

Just got back he just took them off again in the car .They do go all the way down his foot.I'm going to try gradually building up the length of time he wears them.He is due to go to nursery tomorow shall I take them out or just get them to keep letting him take his shoes off.

slightlymad Tue 21-Dec-04 13:40:37

I have the VERY same problem today!
Just got back from the orthotist where DS has had his 1st inserts fitted for his piedros!!
He had his boots off in the car before we had left the hospital car park - also saying they were hurting!!
I have thought about putting them into his old piedro boots (we got new boots today as well) and letting him get used to them in 'worn in' boots before the new ones??
I've had a good look at the inserts - and they MUST feel very, very wierd for them to walk in.

meea Wed 22-Dec-04 12:23:26

slightlymad hope your ds is getting used to them Ds2 seeems to be he just keeps unlacing his boots so that they aren't as tight I suppose but at least he isn't taking his shoes off today.

DingleAlltheWay Wed 22-Dec-04 12:30:45

Aaah meea,I hope ds gets used to then soon. It must feel really weird for him.
My dd seems to be getting i=on really well with her AFO's, has already made a remarkable difference to how she walks, she keeps them on for about half a day, then you hear the velcro being pulled apart and she looks at me very sheepish!

slightlymad Wed 22-Dec-04 12:55:00


He's still taking them off all the time!
Managed to get them on for about 15 minutes earlier!!

Glad to hear you have made progress and your DS is wearing his! I'll have to resort to bribery soon!
Actually - he's in the middle of a rather nasty chest infection and is on steroids and antibiotics right now - so maybe he's just not in the mood for adjusting to boots and inserts as well!

Blu Wed 22-Dec-04 13:08:00

Bribery / star chart is good if they are old enough for it. DS kept takking his night splint off, star chart sorted that straight away. Also putting inserts in just before a very exciting, distracting event, such as visit to santa, so that they don't think about it so much. Then, if when they have had them on/in for a while, take shoes and socks off - if there is a red mark, they probably really are too tight or something.

slightlymad Wed 22-Dec-04 13:44:12

Does anyone know how long these boots and inserts are supposed to be worn each day?
I did ask at the clinic - but all he said was "as much as possible".
Does that mean he should be wearing them pretty much permanently???
I usually let him play barefoot (how he prefers it) whilst we are indoors and not going out anywhere, should I be doing this or should he have them on?
When he isn't in his boots - he toe walks a lot - sometimes literally....bending all his toes under his feet - and actually walking on the knuckles of his toes if you get what I mean!!! Makes me feel queasy!

meea Wed 22-Dec-04 14:32:06

We were always told ds2 should wear is boots all day long even if we weren't going anywhere .Used to take them off when he had a sleep .
Ds2's have made a red mark on the underneath of his foot which hadn't gone away after 10 mins which is what she told us to check for.
I 've left them off for a while.

spidermansmum Thu 23-Dec-04 18:33:21

My son had inserts too. They should wear them all day, but if you can manage that you are better than me!!!!
Big hugs to both of you.
It does get easier.

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