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Happy Christmas

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anniebear Sun 19-Dec-04 09:32:45

Not a gorgeous card like HITC!! (HITC....That was such a lovely card, the girls watched it again and again!!!)

Just wanted to say


Hope it's as stress free as possible!!

Thank you for all your support over this last year, it has been fantastic finding the special needs section on this site


Angie (anniebear)

ThomCatsAreNotJustForXmas Sun 19-Dec-04 10:37:37

And a very merry xmas to you too Anniebear.
May your christmas be merry and your new year very happy.
With love from TC xx

Chocol8 Fri 24-Dec-04 18:17:32

Was going to send you all love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, but found this thread, so am jumping on board!

Thanks for all your help and support, it has meant so much to me over the last few months that I have been visiting Mumsnet. Thank you.

Remember, you're all angels! xx

Santasluckylittlehelper Fri 24-Dec-04 18:43:59

Merry Christmas to special mums everywhere!

blossomgoodwill Fri 24-Dec-04 19:50:12

I too want to say thanks. I have met some lovely people and you have all been so supportive. You have helped me through some really tough times and you will never know how much your kind words helped me through.
A very merry christmas to all!!!!
Love Blossomhillxxx

KangaSantaMummy Fri 24-Dec-04 20:01:39

I would like to say Happy Christmas to all the special mumnetters out there who have helped and supported me and answered my endless questions about my DS

You are all brill

Hope you all have a good day tomorrow

Eulalia Fri 24-Dec-04 20:49:22

Merry Christmas to all the Special Needs Mums & families and visitors too. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. We are having a white Christmas and I am more excited about it than the kids!

Socci Fri 24-Dec-04 21:08:26

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Fri 24-Dec-04 21:17:05

well it is christmas day here already ( has been for about 7 hours) dd1 woke up at about 4.30 and informed us it was time for hi-5 on the TV. we finally got up around 5 and let her open her stocking presents. Dh is just filling the paddling pool for the kids to swim in later... I am just making salads ( waiting for potatoes to cook). Dd 1 h as been put back to bed in the hope that she will sleep for a little longer....

Exciting for us - first time my family as been together in 5 years and everyone is coming here. Oh and of course - dh's and dd1's first aussie christmas.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and the new year brings all you wish for.

maddiemo Fri 24-Dec-04 21:24:44

Happy Christmas to all.

Eulalia, Please blow some snow south, we have got rain at the moment.

Sounds like you are having a lovely day Eidsvold.

I am waiting for my eldest children to fall asleep. Poor ds3 is sick and has been asleep all day
Hope you all have a wonderful time.

blossomgoodwill Fri 24-Dec-04 21:26:01

- just filling up the paddling pool, making salads eh!!!!

- not really Eidsvold. Of course I am very jealous that you have paddling pool weather but wish you all a lovely first Aussie Christmas as a family!!!!

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