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SN Meet up

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blossomgoodwill Fri 17-Dec-04 23:09:50

Shall we arrange one for Jan/Feb time? It would be nice to get together again

Chocol8 Fri 17-Dec-04 23:12:09

That's a good idea Bloss, had a great time last time. x

blossomgoodwill Fri 17-Dec-04 23:16:53

Just wish we had more time. Felt like I spent a lot of the time clock watching!

Chocol8 Fri 17-Dec-04 23:28:21

Yes, I know what you mean - I spent more time travelling to and from than actually there - and even then was 5 minutes late collecting ds as was stood on the wrong platform! (duh!)

Perhaps we could hide all our mobiles and watches but set an alarm for the time we have to go....? Maybe not eh?

spacedonkey Fri 17-Dec-04 23:32:26

I'd like to see you again, maybe get a chance to actually chat with you next time!

how's the ME chocol8 btw?

JakBFrostNippingatYourtoes Sat 18-Dec-04 15:00:41

Yes please!

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 15:01:20

Great I'd love to meet you Jak

JakBFrostNippingatYourtoes Sat 18-Dec-04 15:03:31

Heh Blossom, how nice to be on here at the same time! I really want to meet you, too. This time, I'm going to make DH book the day off work then I can definitely come, even if one of the children gets ill

InternationalGirl Sat 18-Dec-04 18:47:06

Yep - just say when, but I do think we have to try to make sure coppertop and MrsF can come.

JakBFrostNippingatYourtoes Sat 18-Dec-04 19:00:01

And Jimjams, if at all possible

InternationalGirl Sat 18-Dec-04 19:29:47

Absolutely Jimjams too!!

Got to have Jimjams, coppertop and MrsF

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:16:17

Yeah unless the come I am not coming

coppertop Sat 18-Dec-04 23:22:29

So no pressure then?

I'll do my very best to get there but it'll have to be a day when dh is off work so that he can look after ds2 and be around to collect ds1 from school. Not that dh actually knows this yet!

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:23:18

I know coppertop it is hard trying to juggle everything around. Are you near London at all???

coppertop Sat 18-Dec-04 23:25:36

I'm about 80 miles north of London. If I go it'll probably be on the train as I'm car-less.

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:27:07

Really Coppertop That is far isn't it!!!

RnBells Sat 18-Dec-04 23:33:02

Yeah! Would be great! Feb is best for me

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:47:02

RnB - Great Hopefully would have more of a chance to talk next time as I didn't get to speak to half of the people there!

ThomCatsAreNotJustForXmas Sun 19-Dec-04 10:40:48

Ha ha, go on Blossom, so pleased that you started this off! You know I'll be there.
Well done for starting it off, TC xxx

Davrosthesnowwoman Mon 20-Dec-04 16:41:53

Count me in! Don't think I could manage before Feb... someone suggest a date, venue etc. Jimjams will have tiny baby then so maybe it'll be too much although I'd love to see baby JJ.

blossomgoodwill Mon 20-Dec-04 19:57:54

Shall we say February then as I think Jan is a bit too soon after Christmas. Any suggestions for venues as I don't know London at all. All I do know is that I would need to be there about 10ish again as need to leave around 1 to get back for school pick ups.

Piffleoffagus Mon 20-Dec-04 21:00:25

I could tentatively venture out and say I might be able to make it...
Moving house made it impossible last time
I am in Lincs so will need to sort out with dh and school and stuff
but hopefully
.... will keep watch

Thecattlearemerloting Mon 03-Jan-05 21:47:35

I'd love to come too if I can sort out childcare .

Merlot Thu 13-Jan-05 21:10:15

Found the thread

Merlot Thu 13-Jan-05 21:12:03


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