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sorry for not bing around recently...

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RnBells Fri 17-Dec-04 19:23:31

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to apologise for not being around much in the last few weeks. Have had problems with the laptop (screen stopped working!) and the desktop is up in our room (makes it hard to keep an eye on the kids) and is also incredibly slow because its got something wrong with it (arrgghhhhh )

So I just want to say a big HELLO to everyone. I hope you are all keeping well. Also a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who have had good news recently and (((hugs))) to those who havent.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas

Lots of Love xxxxx

JakBFrostNippingatYourtoes Fri 17-Dec-04 19:24:56

Heh you, been wondering what was going on with you! How is everbody? How's Ds1's nursery scenario going?

hohohoheartinthecountry Sat 18-Dec-04 10:08:45

Hey RnB! - I was literally thinking yesterday - where is RnB? and about to email you. Honestly I was, not just saying it. Good to hear from you girl .

Other person I've missed recently is Caroline5 - haven't seen her in ages. Anyone in touch with her? Fio?

terryschonkyorange Sat 18-Dec-04 13:19:03

Hi RnB - lovely to see you back.

JakBFrostNippingatYourtoes Sat 18-Dec-04 15:04:03

LOL at terryschonkyorange!

InternationalGirl Sat 18-Dec-04 18:41:57

Hope you're doing okay other than computer problems --- take care and happy holidays to you and your family. Hope to see you at the next SN meet up. InternationalGirl XX

Caroline5 Thu 23-Dec-04 23:13:30

Hi HITC! Sorry, we have had no computer for several weeks, but am now back, although I'm trying not to be so addicted as I once was! It is v nice of you to notice my absence!

blossomgoodwill Thu 23-Dec-04 23:14:49

Hi RnB you gorgeous lady

Just wanted to say have a lovely christmas too.

Hugs to you too
Love Blossomhillxxx

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