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A thread most especially for MrsF and CT......(sshhhh, it's about laminators)

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hohohoheartinthecountry Thu 16-Dec-04 22:43:12

Okay - I've decided it is time. I need to get one. I've been resisting the lure of a hot pouch for a few months now but I have finally succummed.

So where is the best (i.e. cheapest) place to get one of these addictive beasts?

blossomgoodwill Thu 16-Dec-04 22:44:52

HITC - I am getting my mum one from Tschibo - the coffee place. They are £17 but the offer runs out on Saturday I believe so you'll have to be quick. I will try and find a link for you

blossomgoodwill Thu 16-Dec-04 22:46:26

HITC - Laminator is here

coppertop Thu 16-Dec-04 22:47:06

We got ours from Argos for about £20. It's an A4 size which suits us but if you want poster-size thingies then you could go for an A3 size one.

I wonder if MrsF will be lured out by a laminator thread?

blossomgoodwill Thu 16-Dec-04 22:47:52

Mrs F - I miss you

coppertop Thu 16-Dec-04 22:48:52

Yes, come on back out of hiding, MrsF!

blossomgoodwill Thu 16-Dec-04 22:50:45

Actually I have her e-mail address so should e-mail her.

coppertop Thu 16-Dec-04 22:55:51

HITC - keep an eye out for offers on.....(pauses before using MrsF's favourite word).. POUCHES.

I shall keep using the word "pouches" until you pouches come pouches back pouches MrsF.

Davrosthesnowwoman Fri 17-Dec-04 10:19:30

I was wondering just this morning where MrsF is. Surely she can't resist a laminator thread? Blossomgoodwill's one looks good value and the Argos one is cheap too. When I bought mine some years ago I was lucky to get a cheap one for about £80!! You can all think of me this afternoon as I will be laminating away. I've made "Certicicates of Appreciation" for the classroom staff at DS's school from all the kids. They're always giving the kids certificates so I thought it would be fun to makek one for them. Now, can you all resist this? The certificate paper was only £2.99 for 25 sheets!!

Davrosthesnowwoman Fri 17-Dec-04 10:22:25

Just thought, anyone got any advice on calligraphy? I've got to hand write the names on the certificates. I'm not going to be too perfectionist about it but would like to do a reasonable job. Would like something on the internet to copy. Just Googled and the first sites were rubbish, will try again.

coppertop Fri 17-Dec-04 12:00:34

Where did you get the certificate paper from? Sadly I know b*gger all about calligraphy so no help to you there.

I've been helping ds1 to make his own phonics scrapbook with lots of pictures cut out from catalogues etc. He started off loving this because it meant lots of cutting and sticking. Now he looks forward to it so that he can watch me laminate the pages afterwards. I think we may have another laminator fan on our hands.

DingleAlltheWay Fri 17-Dec-04 12:30:37

OOh ...back to laminators!
No help with calligraphy, sorry, I would love to learn but I am left handed so I am off to a bad start!
I'm afraid I have cheated when I have made certificates in the past. I have used this

MrsDoobaubles Fri 17-Dec-04 12:40:02

Oh My God! This is what my sister wants for Christmas, now I know where to go

Davrosthesnowwoman Fri 17-Dec-04 13:45:08

Thanks for that website Dingle, I will put it under Favourites and have a good look later. I got my certificate paper from Viking Direct. I was going to bodge something by photocopying one of DS's, covering up the writing but thought the real paper was so cheap it was worth getting. It is nice creamy, textured paper.

hohohoheartinthecountry Fri 17-Dec-04 14:50:23

Excellent - was hoping this would start a stream of marvellous laminating and stationery ideas.... davros I think your laminated certificates take things to new heights....

thanks for tip offs BH and CT.

Loobie Fri 17-Dec-04 17:09:58

Stationery box has an a4 laminator and 10 pouches for £14.99,we just bought our second one as ds pput the pouches through thte wrong way and the first one had to go in the bin.HTH

Thecattlearemerloting Fri 17-Dec-04 18:56:15

Sorry to be a bit slow off the mark, but what is it with Laminators?

The SALT recommended that I make my own books for ds2 (every day objects etc) and I've done this by using little photo albums.

But I really want to join the laminator clique . So please sell me the benefits of owning a laminator with a SN child?

Like the sound of pouches too!

coppertop Fri 17-Dec-04 19:12:07

Ooooh! Where to start with the benefits of laminators?

- Brilliant for making flash cards for SALT exercises;

- If you use visual timetables they're good for protecting the pictures;

- If you have a particularly messy child you can make your own placemats for them;

- I'm helping ds1 with a phonics scrapbook as he learns things visually. He has good word recognition but I'd like him to be able to work out words that he hasn't seen before;

- Social stories books: The SALT writes them and sends them to me. I add the photos of ds1 and can then laminate them to make proper books;

- If you're encouraging fine motor skills you can make worksheets that can be wiped clean and re-used afterwards, eg tracing exercises.

MrsF and Davros have loads of brilliant ideas. MrsF is also our resident Blue Peter-ish expert.

Christie Fri 17-Dec-04 20:30:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thecattlearemerloting Fri 17-Dec-04 20:35:55

Thanks Coppertop - maybe Santa will put one in ds2's xmas stocking !

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight Fri 17-Dec-04 20:59:03

Just wanted to add I LOVE MY LAMINATOR!!!!!!

I laminate everything for J - especially his comics. Makes them last longer and he can throw them around without having them fall to bits after 5 mins.
Good tip....Laminate your older kids homework....then it doesnt get wrecked by younger ASD sibling who has a tendency at the moment to rip it up!!!!!!

Davrosthesnowwoman Fri 17-Dec-04 22:42:31

My certificates turned out really good, if I say so myself. The laminating made all the difference. I just looove my laminator, not only for teaching things but stuff like those certifiates and I laminate my purse photos (as Blossom, Choc and HITC will atest!).
I've just been putting together a spoof ABA file for a friend's birthday so will be laminating some stuff for that.
I'm still trying to get all of you excited about my label maker, its a hand-held dymo machine but very different to those things we used to have as kids, lovely and electronic, choice of sizes etc, whirrrr and out comes the label for your PECs! A girl who used to work with DS got so excuted about hers she labeled everything in her flat including the toilet!

blossomgoodwill Fri 17-Dec-04 23:08:57

I must get a laminator now I think of it. I have just remembered the photos Davros and I was impressed.

InternationalGirl Sat 18-Dec-04 19:43:26

We have a laminator and I am ashamed to admit I haven't used it as well as some of you but hope to over the upcoming holidays.

Well done Davros on the certificates - what a great idea. I have some Calligraphy stuff if you still need it - don't know if it will help but you are welcome to have a look. Must admit I haven't used it much either.

Must find some more time for these things...

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:16:55

Still no sign of MrsF then ?

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