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Calling Debsbabe - I need your help!

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buffettheturkeylayer2 Mon 13-Dec-04 15:33:49

Hi Debsbabe - Hope you and Cameron are well.
I just tried to cat you but you have asked not to have emails sent to you. I really want to get in touch with you as you might be able to help with a feature I'm doing (Thomcat is already on board) - if you see this message can you either CAT me or mail me at and I can fill you in.

Hope to hear from you soon! xx Willow2 (aka Buffet)

ThomCatsAreNotJustForXmas Tue 14-Dec-04 10:22:13


Santasluckylittlehelper Tue 14-Dec-04 13:54:01

Deb is on another parenting board I use. I've let her know that you're trying to get in touch.

buffettheturkeylayer2 Tue 14-Dec-04 19:22:38

Thank you so much!

buffettheturkeylayer2 Tue 14-Dec-04 19:22:38

Thank you so much!

Debsbabe Tue 21-Dec-04 17:22:57

hi willow2

have e-mailed you honey. sorry for the delay. you can contact me on the e-mail address that i sent you.

Love Debbie and Cameron 18+5 weeks xxxx


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