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MUM23ASD Tue 12-Feb-08 10:09:24

This is an online quiz, just click the 'Go straight to quiz' button, which has over 100 questions...but i think worth doing!
(especially for those of us who following diagnosis of AS realise that other family members seem AS too!!!!)

deeeja Tue 12-Feb-08 14:47:20

I did this test and I got 175 out of 200.
I am not really surprised by that, I have suspected about myself for a long time.
I had a meltdown yesterday, and a mini-one today.
I am aware that I am 'differrent', have been aware about it all my life. But no point in getting a diagnosis now, it wouldn't make any difference to my life.
It is a refief to know that I am not a nasty person though, I used to think that.
It makes me worry about my sons, and there have been times I have blamed myself for probably passing on asd to my sons.
Do you know, I find disclosing even that much information v.difficult.
ANyway enough of me,
what score did you get mum23asd?

MUM23ASD Tue 12-Feb-08 16:15:33

thanks for being so honest.
like you i often feel i am the cause of my son's ASD...but my eldest simply says that he doesn't blame me- he says he thinks it helps him cos he rockons i understand him....its funny really....but i struggle with understanding people and empathy etc....yet put me in a room of other ASD etc...and i feel at home.

well...just did the quiz again...and got ...170.

i have done this quiz loads of times.. and have ranged from 170 to 180...and you know the bit where they list OCD/BiPolar/ADHD indicates i fit all those criterias too!!!

I have 3 boys- all have ASD (hence my name MUM-2-3-ASD) and it is through their diagnosisis that i finally realised why i always felt different to all those around me- and then along with that i have become far more tolerant of those relatives i have that i am sure would score highly on this quiz too!!!!

Flamesparrow Tue 12-Feb-08 18:15:52

I did that for DD a while back (had to sort of gues sat some of the answers from what I have observed) - I came out NT, but DD came out aspie through and through.

It helped make me think even more that I am not insane/just my parenting.

Nymphadora Tue 12-Feb-08 18:42:59

Apparantly I am in the very likely group for
Asperger/HFA/PDD, ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), OCD and

Sort of expected Aspergers but i ticked boxes for everything except discalculia .

crimplene Tue 12-Feb-08 18:45:39

I've always thought I don't have AS, more of a typically 'male' brain (some quite unusual more masculine hobbies, can't multitask for toffee, not very good at girly intuitive social stuff) but my brother commented that he thought we both had AS recently so I took the test and came out NT. Thanks for posting that, it was really interesting grin

TotalChaos Tue 12-Feb-08 20:28:24

I am a bit concerned about this test - as apparently my professional diagnosis of OCD is most likely wrong. Which is bollocks. How much more OCD can you get than compulsive handwashing [hmmm].

I got 92 on aspie traits, and 98 on NT traits - so have both aspie and NT traits, so would allegedly be probably able to receive a diagnosis of AS.

Deeja - I identify about the feeling different - for me the AHA, it's not that I'm an awful person moment, was when I got the OCD diagnosis at 18 and read about it - before that, I obsessed with guilt about the tiniest misdemeanours, and assumed that I was so guilt ridden because I had done such awful things, which wasn't the case.

yurt1 Tue 12-Feb-08 20:29:22

ha ha 185/200 NT Aspie score of 38. My graph is so very neurotypical as to be ridiculous- very slight peak in ADD range.

INteresting questions - recognised some things that suspected (in my mind) Aspie friends do that I didn't really know were diagnostic.

MUM23ASD Tue 12-Feb-08 20:31:45

my graph was almost all on the aspie side!!!!

yurt1 Tue 12-Feb-08 20:33:41

welcome back MUM23ASD

DH is NT as well. I think ds1 inherited immune deficiencies of some sort which have triggered the severe autism. Lots of autoimmunity in our family rather than any autism.

yurt1 Tue 12-Feb-08 20:36:17

Speaking as an NT- it's a good quiz to do and understand the sorts of problems Aspie friends might be facing in real life. Some of them just wouldn't have occurred to me.

peanutbear Tue 12-Feb-08 20:44:27

I just did this and got my ex DH to do it too thankyou for the link it will be very interesting to find out the results for DS1s dad

TotalChaos Tue 12-Feb-08 20:46:17

where as mine and DH's family history is chockful of people with OCD and/or massive special interests in trains/maps/classical music/history etc grin

MUM23ASD Tue 12-Feb-08 21:05:20

here are some of the quiz questions that just seemed to have been written for me!

• Do you sometimes not feel anything at all, even though other people expect you to?
• Do recently heard phrases, tunes or rhythms tend to stick and repeat themselves in your head?
• Do you get very tired after socializing, and need to regenerate alone?
• Have you taken initiative only to find out it was not wanted?
• Do you bite your lip, cheek or tongue (e.g. when thinking, when anxious or nervous)?
• Do you have difficulty accepting criticism, correction, and direction?
• Do you find it hard to tell the age of people?
• Do you have difficulty describing & summarising things for example events, conversations or something you've read?
• Are you so honest and sincere yourself that you assume everyone is?
• Do you drop things when your attention is on other things?
• Before doing something or going somewhere, do you need to have a picture in your mind of what's going to happen so as to be able to prepare yourself mentally first?
• Do you prefer to do things on your own even if you could use others' help or expertise?
• Do you often don't know where to put your arms?
• Do you need to do things yourself in order to remember them?
• Do you find it hard to recognise phone numbers when said in a different way?
• Do you tend to interpret things literally and/or reply to rhetorical questions?
• Have you had the feeling of playing a game, pretending to be like people around you?
• Do you instinctively know when it is your turn to speak when talking on the phone?
• If there is an interruption, can you quickly return to what you were doing before?
• Do you dislike shaking hands?

Peachy Tue 12-Feb-08 21:31:58

Have 2 asd and always knew at least some traits come from me- have had severe social phobia in the past.


Diagnostic prediction for Score Prediction
Dyscalculia 152 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Dyspraxia 141 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) 138 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Asperger/HFA/PDD 128 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis

twocutedarlings Tue 12-Feb-08 21:35:30

Really intersting!! thanks for posting it smile

Agree with yurt that its a great insight in how people with AS see things IYKWIM. Sort of sad at the same time though.

Thought i would put my results here......not sure what to make of them though..........LOL

Your Aspie score: 106 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 114 of 200
You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits

Diagnostic prediction for Score Prediction
ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) 155 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Bipolar 133 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Dyscalculia 118 You will probably be able to receive the diagnosis
Social phobia 114 You will probably be able to receive the diagnosis
Dyslexia 104 You will probably be able to receive the diagnosis
Schizophrenia 69 It is unlikely you will be able to receive the diagnosis
Dyspraxia 69 It is unlikely you will be able to receive the diagnosis
Asperger/HFA/PDD 66 It is unlikely you will be able to receive the diagnosis
Autism 65 It is unlikely you will be able to receive the diagnosis
OCD 61 It is unlikely you will be able to receive the diagnosis

louii Tue 12-Feb-08 21:53:48

Very interesting thanks for that, am sending it to my brother to do, my results were that i more than likely would be diagnosed with dyscalculia which i already knew.My dyscalculia score was 162.

bullet123 Tue 12-Feb-08 22:52:57

Your Aspie score: 178 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 14 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie

Diagnostic prediction for Score Prediction
Asperger/HFA/PDD 190 Your diagnosis is very likely correct
Autism 176 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
OCD 170 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Schizophrenia 164 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) 163 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Dyspraxia 161 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Social phobia 150 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Dyscalculia 136 You very likely will be able to receive the diagnosis
Bipolar 112 You will probably be able to receive the diagnosis
Dyslexia 86 You might be able to receive the diagnosis

The above was mine.

TotalChaos Tue 12-Feb-08 22:54:46

Bullet - that is sooooo bizarre re:the OCD scoring isn't it? that the test reckons you are likely to have it but I was misdiagnosed!

bullet123 Tue 12-Feb-08 23:14:55

They didn't have handwashing as part of the questions though.
I would disagree with me having OCD as a diagnosis. I have obsessions certaintly and I stim but I am not distressed by them. I thought that with OCD it was a compulsion that wasn't appreciated.

TotalChaos Tue 12-Feb-08 23:26:15

now there is a question mark over where there is such a thing as Pure O (obsessive) OCD - OCD without compulsions- i.e. where someone has unpleasant intrusive thoughts as the main symptom. But then I think there is a certain amount of compulsion in what you do once you have the unpleasant thought - i.e. with the reasoning/ruminating etc to try and cope with it. But I digress... Usually yes, the thing with OCD is that there are compulsive behaviours that cause distress rather than pleasure.

ouryve Tue 12-Feb-08 23:26:28

I did that one the other week. I came up as a possible for Aspergers (no surprise there) and a few other things that escape me but I'm totally flummoxed how I came out as a "might" for dyscalculia given that I'm quite the opposite. Then again, even though I can do quite complex sums and estimates in my head, I do make silly mistakes of the 2x3=5 variety and I think there was a question about that sort of thing.

LaDiDaDi Tue 12-Feb-08 23:32:35

I thought that was really interesting. I'm been suspecting for ages that I might fit a diagnosis of Aspergers but I actually came out as strongly NT and my chart was really surprising.

Thanks for the link MUM23ASD.

MUM23ASD Wed 13-Feb-08 09:01:30


ref your OCD and this quiz scoring you low....

i discovered that if you do the quiz several times they rearrange the questions....and if you only tick the OCD diagnosis box....well....what i'm trying to say is try doing it again....when you have time!!!!!(as it is not as i said just over 100 questions!!!blush)

reason i'm saying this is that if like me your days will your gut reaction to the questions....and for me in true aspie/ocd fashion i was not happy till i had done the quiz 7 times (as i do many things 3 or 7 times depending on my mood!!!!....good ol' OCD!!!!)

and finally...YOU have OCD...and you've been coping and working on ways to manage it for a while maybe the quiz scoring you as not having it is a direct result of the effort you have put in!!!! It's like you say about the rumminating etc (you said:"i.e. with the reasoning/ruminating etc to try and cope with it")....years ago you would have maybe acted on the OCD and not 'just' thought about what ever was causing -like me...have learnt to stop the next step on from the thoughts. ???? . so you have still got OCD question they put which i homes in on for OCD and the 'shaking hands' the hand washing...many ocd people hate hand shaking cos of contamination issues....but for me i hate it i believe for the AS reason which is i stress over worrying i may use the wrong hand to what they do...and i get muddled...or that i may shake to hard...too little....or that i have cold or sweaty hands....and then ....i read this as i type and think...oh here we go again...ruminating!!! me the OCD/AS blurred line strikes again!!!!!

MUM23ASD Wed 13-Feb-08 09:09:05

i'm like that with eye contact to...i am aware as i talk i 'should look at the person '...but then the thoughts start...and then i end up missing everything they are saying....
thoughts i have are things like 'can they tell that i'm not litening'
'can they read my thoughts'
'why are they looking at me'
'have i brushed my hair wrong'

so a mix of ocd/AS????

cos depending on how you look at it...eyecontact is an AS thing....and yet the ruminating is more an OCD....but i'm sure there are AS people who ruminate and don't have a dx of OCD...but would if the right questions were asked...just like me being sure i have AS...not just OCD!!!

DS1 shows all the signs of dyspraxia and dyscalcula...and i just 'pretend' he has those diagnosis...along with his AS and ADHD...and i just think it's because of the 'spectrum/umbrella' thing...that all these 'things' are linked in some way.

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