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Phonecall to Bibic

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blossomgoodwill Tue 07-Dec-04 12:40:38

I have phoned Bibic this morning and will be arranging my telephone interview for next week.
I really feel that dd has lots of sensory issues and that they may be able to help. They were seeing 2 children with language disorders today. Fingers crossed it all goes well although know it will be a few months before we actually go down there. If we are suitable that is!

SantaFio2 Tue 07-Dec-04 12:46:41

sounds good BH, will you have to pay? I think dd would benefit from going as i am pretty sure she has a language disorder as she understands pretty much everything but is just not talking (singkle words only, makaton and some pecs)

blossomgoodwill Tue 07-Dec-04 12:52:42

Fio - not sure yet. My dd has a language disorder and knows loads of words, speaks in 6/7 word sentences but...... doesn't understand lots of things. Cannot have a conversation really so even if your dd has limited vocab the fact that she understands most things is a really positive sign Fio
The SALT showed me on a chart thing they do why dd is disordered. Some areas of language such as sound, vocab, grammar was normal and above. Pragmatics was delayed and so was something else. With most children they would either all be above, normal or delayed therefore no disorder so dd is learning language in a disordered way. Hope I have made sense Fio. I do like to ramble

coppertop Tue 07-Dec-04 13:06:56

Best of luck with the interview. Let us know what happens.

blossomgoodwill Tue 07-Dec-04 13:08:44

Thank coppertop. I just feel that even though the pros seem to think dd has a straight forward ld I think it may be more than that. I just want and need to know. Then we can move forward. Bibic will help us make sense of dd and give us strategies to help so I am hoping that it will help us help dd.

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight Tue 07-Dec-04 19:09:04

You know how much BIBIC has helped us in understanding why J does the things he does. Gaining the understanding has made life so much eaisier for us as a family.
Just hope they can help you as much as they have helped us.

blossomgoodwill Tue 07-Dec-04 19:41:21

Thanks Jaysmum. Yes you and the other friend who went have really persuaded me it is the best thing for dd. It doesn't matter about labels (yes I have finally reached that point - I think)what matters is getting dd the help she needs and hopefully this will also help me understand dd more too.

blossomgoodwill Tue 07-Dec-04 19:41:43

I also get to meet you too which will be a bonus xxx

blossomgoodwill Thu 09-Dec-04 14:50:37

Received all of my stuff throuhg the post today. Would love to hear more about anyone elses persoanl experiences

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight Fri 10-Dec-04 00:37:00

So what did you think of the blurb they sent you?

Going away this see the wicked witch of the west mids!!!!BOO HISS BOO!!!! - will catch up next week when I get home......but it could be earlier if J chucks his juice all over her sofa....did think about encouraging him to do so - then we could escape!!!!!

Take care Bloss.

Davrosthesnowwoman Fri 10-Dec-04 09:01:22

Jaysmum, do you mean your MIL by any chance?????
I've decided that BIBIC is not for us. Mostly because we are a long way down the line and years since we got a dx so we're already sorted in understanding DS's "condition" and we don't need the support before or soon after dx. I asked Jimjams, knowing me a bit from my posts etc, if I'd go there and think a lot of it was mumbo jumbo and she said "you might......"!!!!
Our main interest is sensory issues so I've decided to think about working on that locally. Mostly the prospect of 3 days away and the cost just don't make sense for us at this stage. I think it could be great for other people earlier on in the process who need more rounded thinking about their child and strong support to get to grips with using a programme and having it provided by professionals who have REALLY looked at their child as an individual.
One last thing, I did ask the person I spoke to on the phone about any info they have on how children were before going there and having their program and what they are like after, say at set time intervals (Mrs Data/Evidence Queen!) and it was like I was talking Klingon!

maddiemo Fri 10-Dec-04 10:17:37

BH We went to BIBIC earlier in the year. I came away with mixed feelings about it. There is a post further down the page with Jaysmum about it.

I do agree with what Davros says regarding the timimg of a visit. For us it would have been great for ds3 between the ages of two and four, when we had no idea of how to best help him and no idea of what the future held for him in terms of education. However at the age of six I felt that we as a family and the professionals invoved with him on a daily basis actually had a far better idea of his needs.

In our case I suspect the money may have been better spent on local private SALT.

Feel free to CAT me about our visit and for any info for yourself.

blossomgoodwill Fri 10-Dec-04 22:56:06

Hi Maddiemo

What is the title of the thread as I would be interested in reading it.
I hope I am doing the right thing? have telephone interview next Friday.

maddiemo Sat 11-Dec-04 01:20:29

bh the post is called For Jimjams 6th Nov 2004.

Sorry I am such a bonehead, have not mastered links.

Jimjambells Sun 12-Dec-04 18:31:13

agree with everything here. When we first went to BIBIC ds1 was just 4, we had very little input from anyone and everything they did was helpful- the programme helped his sensory issues, they looked at him as a whole, gave us a very useful report etc etc. When we went back we had a lot more support at home. The programme was still useful but they didn't change much and we needed more specific instruction in language work etc. DS1 also found the repeat visit very stressful (just because he now finds going anywhere away from home stressful). They rang me recently and I said we wouldn't be going back for the moment. We're better spending money on ABA and respite at the moment. They do allow you to fundraise for your fees though. If ds1 didn't find going away so difficult I might be tempted to do that but at the moment it would be too much for him (he's not even going on holiday with us this year as he hates it).

anniebear Sun 12-Dec-04 20:28:07

Can I ask what BIBIC is please?!

blossomgoodwill Sun 12-Dec-04 20:45:27


Here is the link for the Bibic website

That should exlain it all to you

anniebear Sun 12-Dec-04 20:52:31

Thanks, will go and look now.

I know, I am nosey!!! Like to think of it as 'showing a healthy interest!!!!!

blossomgoodwill Sun 12-Dec-04 20:59:55

I am the same annie. Always ask on here what's this, where's that?

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight Tue 14-Dec-04 23:38:04

From our own personal experience we as a family have found BIBIC to be really helpful. They have helped us understand J better than any of the professionals in our area.I think we were really lucky with our visit because our therapist had previous knowledge of J. She used to be his nursery teacher and then left the area - when we arrived we were shocked to find her there. She worked with J and I feel her previous knowledge helped her to compile her written report. She knew that we needed certain assessments to be done to help us with our fight for statementing.
She has since left BIBIC and we have remained in touch - she now helps me with J's home teaching plan.
I think BIBIC is a really useful place for families who need help in understanding sensory issues and diet problems. We didnt have a clue about all the difficulties associated with sensory disfunction - J has come on in leaps and bounds since we have started his programme and his behaviour and skin problems have all improved since changing his diet.
We are going back in May for our second assessment but feel that after this we are unlikely to return as we know now that we have a better understanding of J's needs.
The one good thing we did get was an independant SALT and EP report and I know without this we would not have stood a chance in getting J his placement in the special school...Just wish Sept 05 would hurry up and come!!!!

blossomgoodwill Thu 16-Dec-04 22:16:40

Have cancelled Fridays phone interview as all of the therapists are off sick

Are going to re-arrange for after christmas which suits me fine. I am determined to put the sen in a box and enjoy christmas

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight Thu 16-Dec-04 22:40:00

Was just going to email you to wish you luck for tomorrow!!!

They cancelled our outreach visit at home this week because they have so many staff off ill.

Enjoy your christmas..."put everything away"...and start again in the new year.

Must catch up soon....busy wrapping pressies!!!!

Chat soon.

blossomgoodwill Thu 16-Dec-04 22:41:55

Hiya Jaysmum

How spooky as I have just this minute sent you an e-mail to check you are okay

I thought you may have been busy doing christmas last minute things. I haven't even wrapped any yet!!!!!

Speak soon Blossomxxx

Blossomhill Thu 13-Jan-05 17:10:19

Had phone interview yesterday and we are booked in for the 30th March. I am really excited as got so much information just from just over an hour on the phone with the therapist!!!

Davros Thu 13-Jan-05 17:23:12

Oooh, exciting BH! Hope it goes well, sounds like it will be very good for you all, is DH going too and what about DS or is it girls only?

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